Entice the Mind

So you all have been very patient waiting for the new things coming in my life. Well I am pleased to tell you that the first has had life breathed into it and is now up and running. The first is Entice the Mind (ETM).

What is ETM?

Well, ETM is a blog based website based around the concept that it is wanting that keeps us alive. It is desire that leaves us wanting, all kinds of desire and enticement are in the world, from places we want to visit, to foods we wish to foodgasm over, pretty people that make us fan ourselves, stories that leave us squirming in our seats. The world is full of things that leave us wanting, whether that desire leaves us striving for something or it is simply enough to enjoy that feeling. ETM is all about finding those things, sharing those things and making the world just a little bit happier. It will feature quite a bit of my writing and the writing of guest bloggers. Soon we will be accepting submissions and even running some give aways. So please. Stop by and visit, sign up, follow us, comment, get involved, the site is for all of us.


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