My muse sings for you

mymusesingsThis might in fact be one of the biggest compliments a writer can pay you. To be the one that inspires their voices, helps inspire their words. As a writer I know what that means, basically you’re touching that part of the soul where the creativity and inspiration blossoms.

To know I inspire just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. This is perhaps one of the grandest compliments I’ve ever been paid. (I might still be blushing)

We all have our ideal reader, the person (or people) we are writing for. The one we want to entertain, make smile, make cry, brutally crush the heart of when we kill of someone loved. If you’re a writer chances are you have someone who makes your muse sing.

As an aside… I am super proud of this graphic. It’s mine mine mine. I took the photo myself and everything. (And shout out to Nett for the pretty notebook featured. I loves it.)

So, my darling writers out there, how about today you tell the people that inspire you, that make your muse sing, just that. Trust me. They’ll love it.






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