Working on Babypire

So I’ve been a busy girl this week. Beyond my normal activities and addictions I’ve done such amazing things as quit my job, work on new entrepreneurial business ideas (or rather continue work on them), and I’ve been working on Babypire.

As some of you know, last year I worked out why I was having so much trouble with this novel…it had a lot to do with the direction I had taken the story in. It just wasn’t working. 20,000 words cut later my heart was broken but you have to murder your darlings, or at least slash at them with a sharp machete.

I started with 1208 words on Sunday, and over the course of Monday and Tuesday I think I have written that many again while still doing a day at work, the mummy thing and all the rest. The biggest thing with that second lot of words, well, it’s all by hand. I’ve never had a character before who so often insisted that the words be written by hand before being typed up. Yay, double work.  But there is something pleasing about the tactile effort of handwriting.

I amused myself with one part of the tale….

I took all this in right before the sea took me in, deep down. Thank god it was deep here, hitting the bottom a half a foot down might have been incredibly painful. The last thing that would have gone through my mind might have been my knees.

Also, being the weirdo I am I’m still trying to perfect the Babypire face and who I would use for her. With that in mind I wasted some time on Monday night playing on a morphing site and made a morph of Lily Collins and Katie McGrath, and it really kind of works for her….


Does anyone else spend far too much time thinking on who is the perfect example of the voice in their head? Or is that just me?


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