An All Hallows’ Haunting


Catherine would do anything for her best friend, including travelling to Mina’s dying Uncle’s home. But Uncle Reginald is the least of her problems as the veil between the worlds thins for All Hallows’ Eve and the ghosts of the house come out in force.
Can the restless souls find heaven or hell, or will there be new souls haunting the house for next All Hallows’ Eve?

In case you missed it, or Facebook hid all my posts about it, I published a new Novelette for Halloween. A little Victorian haunted house style tale. It’s been incredibly well received so far and I can’t say how delighted I am by the feedback.


It is only free until the 20th of November. So that’s less than 10 days now to get a copy for nothing. It’s on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

smashwords_button BarnsNoble_button_thumb

It will be on Amazon soon, with the final price.

So get in quick and enjoy a free spooky treat.


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