Book Title Hangman aka A Title and a Giveaway

So, if you’ve been paying attention you know that I have a new book in the works. For those of you who downloaded and read ‘An All Hallows’ Haunting’, you have already had an introduction to the world of this new book. You will find yourself surrounded by Victorian England, Witches, a Succubus, Priests, Coppers, danger, intrigue and a splash of Steampunk.

It is the first episode of a new series of books and… want to know the name of it!

So as our (I say our because Jaidee insists as the narrator that this is a group effort), as our Book Title Reveal, we’re going to have a little game. Book Title Hangman only there will be no nooses in the revelation of these words.

Every RT of the game on Twitter, every share on here, Facebook or on Tumblr, and every like or heart of the game posts will get you an entry. Every correct guess of the book title will get you ten entries to win.*

And the prize? A hand-crafted Wiccad Within card made by yours truly and a selection of local New Zealand chocolates to enjoy while you are reading the book**.

The game begins as soon as I post this and ends at 12pm NZDT on Monday 12th December . I will then draw the winner by 1pm.  Over the course of the weekend, I will post up new clues revealing more of the letters of the title and at 12pm on Monday will reveal the title in full.

So here we go and good luck!



*There will be multiple posts about Book Title Hangman over the weekend, each post can be liked/shared/RTed etc and each time will earn you a new entry.

** Due to it being Christmas madness when it comes to the post I cannot guarantee that the chocolates will arrive before the book release but I can guarantee that I will send them as soon as the contest closes and I receive the winner’s address. I will then cross all my crossable parts that they travel at the closest to warp speed they can.


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