We live in a world of pretty instant gratification, where we can watch a whole amusing video in six seconds. Watch someone else play a game in ten minutes rather than take hours to play it ourselves, (which has led to a world of kids narrating their entire lives but that’s a whole different blog post).

And we live in a world where a lot of us pick up a 100,000-word book and feel that it’s more of a commitment than we feel we can make when we have so much going on. I’ve talked to so many people who are just overwhelmed at the start of a book and don’t end up reading because they know they’re going to have to put it down and often that means they won’t pick it up again because that overwhelmed feeling will hit and instead they’ll go collapse on the couch and Netflix zone out.

Then I have me, myself, and I as an author, and the muse can honestly look at the word count I want to get to and go whiter than my thighs post winter. I don’t know if it’s because of so long writing in the world of Role Play or just my style but I do tend to write more episodally. I’ve had so many novels on the go where I reach the 50-70k mark and start to wilt and face some serious writer’s block.

Hubby had the solution.

Why didn’t I write and deliver my stories like episodes of a show? I already often wrote like that, and there was definitely a consumer market for it. (Come on, people are getting books one text message at a time now O.O)

So that is what we are doing now, starting with CotW – Episode 1. (Were you hoping I’d use the full name and give away the answer to Book Title Hangman? I’m tired, my lovelies, but not quite that tired.)

Each episode in the CotW series will range in length from short story to the 50-60k kind of length. Some episodes, like television shows, will deal with just one character, others will have multiple scenes dealing with different character situations.

And the truly great news? The muse loves this style and I already have six episodes for the CotW series written and in the editing process.

Twice as great is that I will be applying this style to my many other series. This means you have three Shadow of Avalon episodes ready to be edited and gotten out to you. Plus, two Babypire episodes and who knows how many Faeted Tale episodes are also going to see the light of day come 2017.

The voices are excited, I’m excited and you should be too.




4 thoughts on “Episodes

    1. I was thinking of setting up a patreon to do it per story part. You know how often the stories are short stories and grow all together. So people could get the stories straight up and then the books of it all together could be purchased later. Or something. I’m still working on how I’d work it.

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