City of the Wiccad – Meet Mother Maggie

It had been years since the grand old homestead had seen any life. Though, it had been tended to over those years, never becoming a derelict eyesore and the neighbours appreciated that.

Then Miss Maggie Baker arrived and opened her home to many young ladies. Some were younger, orphans they said who were getting too old for the homes and the neighbours applauded her charity.

Then the work began on the large and sprawling building. Parts of the house became small individual residences and Maggie invited women to come and stay in them.

Hilda Walker was distressed to discover that one of the new tenants was a bunter. A penniless whore who sold her own body AND begged for coins too. There were few lower on the streets and now she lived across from Hilda and her husband. It was disgraceful.

Another of the women was hardly better in Hilda’s eyes.  A shameful woman who had ignored the vows she made before god and simply walked out on her husband and her wifely duties.

Hilda made sure the whole neighbourhood knew of the terrible women they were being forced to live alongside. She hoped that with enough outrage they might be driven back to where they came from.

And then, to make it even more scandalous, Hilda had witnessed Maggie Baker herself under the light of the full moon in the back garden. Maggie had made a pact with the devil in the moonlight and transformed into a black cat.

Hilda’s husband saw nothing and most people agreed that it was time for Hilda to lay off the bottle.

I might have felt sorry for Hilda but I could never abide a busy body. My business is my own. Had she minded her own business she would have lived none the wiser to the magic of my home and myself, but she meddled and passed judgement on my girls and that simply would not do.

I do not mind her gossiping about me but NO ONE gets to speak ill of my girls. Many of them have been through tough times that they never deserved to endure. To then be mocked and judged by a pious woman, who has nothing to better to occupy her life with, is most unacceptable. I will protect each of my girls with any means at my disposal. Including making that shrew seem as though she has lost her marbles.

I have never been someone to trifle with and Hilda should count herself lucky she did not meet me when I was a far more volatile creature.

She called me a witch today to my face and seemed most offended that I did not take any offence to the name.

Why would I take offence? I am a witch by most definitions of the term. Though I have made no pact with a fallen angel turned lord of hell and damnation and my soul remains my own.

The girls giggled when I spoke of such things. Some giggle because they know it is true, others giggle because they have not yet woken to the world alongside their own. But they will. In time, they will awaken to their magic. Each of them will know they have the potential to be Wiccad.

This is after all why I have returned to the City.

Note from muggins the author: Maggie and Jaidee both insisted that she be introduced with this new piece of writing that will not be making it into the novel. Maggie is an amazing character with such a rich history and I cannot wait for you to know all about her.

Next post we will visit the Wiccad. Who are the Wiccad and what makes them, well Wiccad. Perhaps after that, we can visit my casting choices for the characters. And remember, if you haven’t already, mark you calendar for Monday the 19th for the release of City of the Wiccad – Episode 1: Beginnings.


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