I am The Princess Bard

It was bound to happen. I knew that it was time to let go of writerinplay, I’ve known for a while. But I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to change my address here to theprincessbard or wiccadwyrd or wiccadwithin or something new.

I have, as many of you know, a tendency to get antsy and change my name. But no more. I am The Princess Bard, and perhaps more importantly according to her, Jaidee is The Princess Bard. So it was time to change the address.

If you had writerinplay bookmarked, please resave to https://theprincessbard.wordpress.com/

And if you did not have the page saved feel free to save it. And also remember you can get blog posts straight to email by signing up in the box on the right-hand side of the page.

I’m also excited to say that in the coming days there will be a new post about a new endeavour for 2017 – Wiccad Within. It could change the world. It could change your world. So stay tuned.

But for now, just enjoy the change as I settle down to be The Princess Bard.




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