Friends, lovelies, random ones, lend me your lyrics.

So, being on social media and following a few artists I see their daily warm-ups. It got me to thinking. Often when I’m editing or busy on other projects I don’t have the time or focus to sit down and knock out thousands of words on the books. BUT. I want to be writing on the daily. So I thought, why not do warm ups. I could write a short story or a drabble about any character at all be it book, RP or canon character.

But how would I work out what to write?

Well, that could be very easy. I’ve always been a fan of lyric prompts. And I don’t really care that they aren’t fashionable like they used to be. I enjoy them.

So. What I need from people is lyrics from songs you love or songs that seem inspirational. Can be a single line, or you could just suggest the whole song.

I will make a database of the lyrics and each day pick one to inspire me to write something. It might be a bonus for all the voices in my head who are not in the current books and desperately want to be allowed to write.

I know realistically I won’t be able to write each and every day but I’m thinking it might be cool to see if I can get out 300 pieces by the end of the year.

So wish me luck, and start sending me those lyrics. I’ll regularly ask for more, and I will also credit and thank each person for the lyric when I post up the writing. (Given these are meant to be a warm-up they might not be edited, but who knows, they might end up edited and used for more. We shall see.)




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