The not so weekly update

Okay so this was meant to be done on Monday but things did not go precisely as planned as school went back. Sick kiddo on Tuesday had me in mama mode. So here we are today.

After many discussions with people and the poll I had run, it has been decided that the next book published will be the first book of The Faeted Tales series. As you can imagine, Jaidee is delighted since this will be her book. I have no date to give you for when it will be released. I would love to say it will be released on Jaidee’s birthday in August, but we shall see. This is because of one big reason…

I slipped and started a new story.

So, I had this crazy dream revolving around helping a famous person through a PR nightmare because people are not as tolerant as they might claim to be of lifestyle choices. This then combined with me reading through the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book led me to inspiration for a new story. Not only a new story but a new realm that once linked to ours, with some very interesting races in it. Cue me starting to write the story just to get the idea down…and less than a week later I’m up to 28 pages in my notebook all handwritten and a page of plot points waiting to be written. So I estimate I’m between 10,000 and 12,000 words on it and the muse is very keen to keep writing. BY HAND. I had this with Babypire as well, the muse was stubborn and wanted to handwrite first. This would be awesome if I had a typist to get the words into Word but alas, that typist is me.

One day I will be rich enough to pay handsomely an assistant to type up everything from my notebooks. I’ll probably suddenly have another two hundred short stories that can be finished. Today is not that day.

So yes, I am distracted by this new modern fantasy thriller romance. Which also means that The Bloodied Briar’s post will be late too. I had plans to have a post out for Briar each week, I also had plans that the chapters would be 500-1,000 words each. The last two have been over 2,000 and this current one is looking like it will be at least that. It might need to be split in two but I won’t know until I finish writing it. But I will say it will be amazing. See, back three years ago I had the most amazing idea for a storyline to play out on Twitter and Tumblr. Alas, my partner at the time had different ideas for where to take the story and I ended up cutting it super short and it never became what it should have been. Now, thanks to this I get to write the story Briar always wanted. It will be amazing but it needs to be done right, so, forgive me if this chapter takes more than a week to be released. (Which it will because there is no way to finish it and edit it by tomorrow.) It will be worth the wait I promise.

For now, I need to get working on the words and I leave you with a verse/chorus from Resplendent, a song that will feature in the new story.


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