About The Bard

Justine Dee, aka The Princess Bard, is the author of The Tales of the Wiccad, the Shadow of Avalon series, and is seemingly a conduit for an endless stream of stories and voices.

She lives and writes in the mystical land of New Zealand, where she dances when lacking in inspiration, sings loudly and often, and is usually happily lost in the realms of myth, legend, and fantasy.
When she returns to reality she is a huge fan of dark chocolate covered almonds, coffee, the three main men in her life: her husband, her son, and regal Reilly the mini panther, as well as her other loved ones and lovelies.

Come journey with me, I’d be glad of the company.

9 thoughts on “About The Bard

  1. Just downloaded A Queen’s Tale for my Kindle. Will read it over the next week whilst I finish basic training. Cheers =)

    1. Shame on you, especially since you’re mentioned on it 😉 And yeah, there was a blog post about it, I’ve put it on hold for a professional edit. Still looking for an editor that isn’t going to require a second job.

  2. Love the new website, can’t wait to read all the new stories when I get 5 mins. You are awesome. found your big elephant yet? Look closer to home, it is closer than you think……

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