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cityof-thewiccad2b City of the Wiccad Episode 1: Beginnings – What would you do to protect your family? What would you sacrifice? Who would you sacrifice?
Near death and simply looking to protect her younger sisters, Gabby was forced to merge her soul with a demon and become an alluring creature of sin and death under the control of a nefarious group known as the Order. After she is commanded to destroy one of the City’s most pious priests, followed by a renowned detective, Gabby begins to realise she might have a choice after all.  amazon-buy-button_2

My Fair Catherine – City of the Wiccad: Episode 2 – After defeating a murderous ghost, Catherine thought the supernatural world was done with her. When she meets a handsome man with a troublesome reputation her normal life begins to unravel. Dark forces claim her beau is not free to love her, and it brings a string of terrible murders to her door. Will her ignorance of the supernatural world, again, leave her in danger as a new threat targets her? Will Catherine survive her world changing or will a vampire do what a ghost could not? Can Catherine live long enough to enter the world of the Wiccad? amazon-buy-button_2

An All Hallows' Haunting

An All Hallows’ Haunting – Catherine would do anything for her best friend, including travelling to Mina’s dying Uncle’s home. But Uncle Reginald is the least of her problems as the veil between the worlds thins for All Hallows’ Eve and the ghosts of the house come out in force.
Can the restless souls find heaven or hell, or will there be new souls haunting the house for next All Hallows’ Eve?

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A Queen’s Tale – Meet Gwyn Asher, daughter of The Wild Hunt and enter the world of Shadows of Avalon in this novella.

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HerStory: Fiction Honoring Women’s History Month: Grab yourself a glass of wine or favourite hot beverage and get comfortable as you read about the lives of women who will light the fire in your soul. Featuring my short story “Foolish Pride


Harmony in Creation – My first published work, a fantasy short story about a troubled young Bard by the name of Karalyn. Read it on the website here

An Ever-Fixed Mark – A Supernatural Romantic short story. Read it on the website here

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