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A dress fit for The Princess Bard

A slightly different post today but I had to share this dress. Isn’t it so perfect for a Princess Bard? I would love something like this, or even just a top that I could wear. And yes, I’m wondering how hard it would be to find the means to make one. Being that I am not a sewing goddess, it might just be a pipe dream. But look. Look at this gorgeousness.

What a gorgeous dress.
The detail is wonderful.

Via Steampunk Tendencies

Dress by french artist Sylvie Facon
Additional credit: Morgane E. Grosdemange

Can I have one? Please?


Time Speaker by Ke-Yana Drake – A review


So here we go, a review of Ke-yana Drake’s ‘Time Speaker’ novel, first in the Time Speaker series. I won a copy of this through Ke-Yana and a contest she ran but that in no way at all influences anything I am about to say….got it…good, we shall ramble on.

I haven’t read much at all this year – maybe 1 novel has been finished,I  honestly could not get into anything, even books I love to bits and authors like Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, James Rollins, got put down after a few pages. This happened with ‘Time Speaker’ but it had nothing at all to do with the book or the story. So night before last I decided that this business of not being able to read anything at all was going to end. So I picked up ‘Time Speaker’ and less than 24 hours later I was finished and left wanting more.

I took a bit of time to warm up to some of the characters and get into the grips of this off world story and work out the different political structures and races and get to grips with the spatterings of the native tongues (which appear to be very involved and well thought out, something I think I could never achieve, trust me, I tried with Eiridis, it isn’t as easy as one might think.) but I soon found my rhythm and sunk deep into the world.

I fell in love with some of the characters, I yelled at the book when a scene made me get all teary eyed, I yelled at characters for not doing what I wanted and once for doing something I knew they were going to do, that they had to do, but that I still didn’t want them to do. I started shipping characters together….nothing says I like a show/movie/book like me starting to put characters into relationships that I believe they belong in (Especially considering this is very much not about romance). Of course I am not giving ANY plot away in this review, just all my reactions.

I giggled to find a character name that we use, but as a boy not a sassy little minxy sister as it is in our book. I crowed like a lost boy when I got it right just who I thought a certain character really was. And as I said, I cried and told the book off, I grinned and frowned and got attached to the characters.

Now I’m not a huge Sci-Fi kind of reader, especially these last, maybe twelve years or so. But I really enjoyed this book, and I want more. There are a few things that I’m still a tilting my head about but I’m sure they will be addressed in future work, but nothing that would make me not suggest this to friends who enjoy this kind of story.

So head to her website http://www.keyanadrake.com to check out more about the book, the series and all the other goodies she has on there. Connect with Ke-Yana on twitter and Facebook, because she really is most lovely.

Writer Wednesday – James Rollins

Welcome to week three of Writer Wednesday. For this week’s ‘author who inspires me to write’ I have chosen *insert drumroll here* – James Rollins.

Now I came across James Rollins about 5 years ago. A colleague read ‘Map of Bones’ for her book club and thought I would like it. She was right. I hadn’t realised it was the second book in a series at that stage and was given the next book in the Sigma series ‘Black Order’ for Christmas.

Five years on I own all the Sigma series and am eagerly awaiting the next. I have read the books a number of times but my biggest problem now is I start reading them and it makes me think about how I want to write, that I want my characters to be just as real as I find his to be as I get lost in his world…which generally means I trot off and end up writing. It makes reading just that little bit harder.

I have to admit that it’s not just his writing that makes me look up to James as a writer, it’s also the kind of person he is too. He talks with his fans, I’ve talked with him on twitter a few times, and he even follows me (I still squeal about that fact). He’s generous with his readers and completely engaging. And he gets to travel around and visit the places he writes about. He’s the kind of author I aspire to be one day.

I absolutely recommend his books (I’ve made at least 5 people Sigma addicts in my time.) I absolutely think you should give him a follow on twitter or like his page on Facebook, once you are done.

His every book captivates me and inspires me. So Mr Rollins if you ever read this post, thank you for the stories and the inspiration.

As a random aside because I just thought of it, years before I even knew who James Rollins was I created and named a character. Safia Crowe (Safia for Sapphire and Crowe because I was obsessed with birds at the time), imagine my giggles when I read ‘Sandstorm’…

Writer Wednesday – Stephen King

312629_4932149862140_642224250_nWelcome to my second writer Wednesday blog – Today’s inspiration for me as a writer – Stephen King.

Now that is probably no surprise to most people, and it is not unlike a lot of other writers I know.

I can’t recall the first book of his that I read; I do know the first movie of his work I watched was IT. I remember it quite clearly. I was at a friend’s house for her birthday sleep over. I think we would have been twelve at the time, it was three in the morning and we decided that it would be a good idea to watch a scary movie. We were all snuggled up on the couch and floor together, I think there may have even been some hand holding. What we didn’t realise was that the birthday girl’s cute older brother had snuck into the room and just as Pennywise was about to do something terrible hands came around me and a voice whispered in my ear, “Don’t get scared now.” I, of course, screamed. Everyone else screamed. He laughed until it hurt. Then we all ganged up and hurt him some more. It left a lasting impression, and even now that movie is scarier because I can recall that moment of fear.

Right….book….writing…. I’ve read a lot of Mr King’s work. Some of it I haven’t been so in to. Other books have sucked me in. The Dark Tower books did that. ‘Salem’s Lot did that too… actually ‘Salem’s Lot really got under my skin, so much so that when a newlywed Justine was left at home while husband Alyn headed down to Wellington for work she forced best man Bryce to come and stay with her and keep her safe so she could keep reading and was able to walk around the house without total heart failure in the dark. I can’t be sure but I think Bryce might have taken advantage of my fear to jump out and go boo at some point one night. My friends are good like that.

The book that has most inspired me is Stephen King “On Writing” no big surprise there. I purchased it back I think in 2005 or 2006 and read it straight through, having done that I sat down and wrote the first draft of Eiridis in six weeks. I loved the way his book was written and what he was saying. I especially loved the closed door concept. And it is something I really need to do again. Close the door, literally or figuratively and write. I can achieve amazing things when I do that. I did that for Nyssa’s Tale and managed to do 40,000 words in less than two weeks. The key was to lock out the world. Okay I didn’t lock it out completely but I was on holiday at a lovely motel in Auckland for part of it, and limited internet meant that I mostly just kept Sam in my IMs and stayed away from twitter, facebook, and all the other websites I chat on and waste time on. I think that is a big key to getting things written and finished…remove the distractions. That was something Stephen King taught me, among many other things. He also inspired my love of having stories cross over, characters make cameos….and once you start reading more of my/our work you’ll see just how much I love that concept.

So Mr King, thank you for the words, the help and the inspiration. One day I hope to say thank you in person.

A deal you can’t refuse?

I feel strange asking for favours and what I want sometimes. My brain or maybe my ego believe these things should happen because I have earned them, and if I don’t get given what I want then I haven’t earned it. Which makes sense in some ways but is ridiculous in others.
So I shall try this thing called asking. And what I want is A Queen’s Tale to be downloaded more. For this purpose I have a deal to make. Two choices. You lovelies get me the 24 downloads I want and I will either
A) Release a Guinevere flashback for Gwyn
B) I will release an audio teaser of me reading a yet unreleased story. Maybe Nyssa’s Tale or perhaps Babypire.
The choice will be made by you my lovelies and popular vote. If you would like either of these let me know which and help get A Queen’s Tale to that magic download number I would love to see. It’s only 24 more. So start sharing that link…
Your time starts….

A Queen’s Tale – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/255081