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Tightrope walking for Writers

I sometimes wonder what it must be like to be like the “normal” writers. You know the ones who have a single project that they’re working on. One book they’re writing. One series they’re creating.

Is it quiet and peaceful in their heads? Do they sleep blissfully at night?

I don’t think I’ve ever been like that. My brain has always been a mess of characters and ideas since I started putting ideas to paper as a teenager. (I recall in sixth form, or was it seventh, writing simultaneously about a girl who lost her best friend to drink driving and an epic fantasy about a Queen trying to restore her kingdom…)

Nowadays I have a lot more than two stories on the go, and a lot more than a couple of voices all vying for attention. In the height of my RP days, I was creating new accounts almost weekly, which followed to a new plot idea being posted each week instead. I’m trying to have better balance with it now but at the same time trying not to lose that creative spark and inspiration.

It’s overwhelming at times to try and work out where to focus attention, especially as I am so excited to share some stories with the world. I want to get all the City of the Wiccad stories out, and of course Shadow of Avalon (book two has been delayed way too long).Faeted Tales, which will lead to Babypire being able to be released. There is also the Children of the Immortals tales which are hinted at with the Wiccad and the Faeted. (Stephen King’s little links through his stories inspired me it seems – to the extreme). Then I have my Fairy Tale ‘Wolf Moon’, my young adult dystopian novel which is somewhere around the 50k mark. Cassie Rose, Two Beds and a Coffee Machine, Three Scars, Starcrossed…and then all the stories that have been begun with the lyric writing. My mermaid story really wants to be written, the Druidess origins and the modern-day reboot, Olivia and her lessons in irony. Not to mention all the rest of the Tales of the Wiccad. Then there is Mellie. And Ari. And Becky. And Lia. And my dragon. And his kitten. And Peggy. And my batty vigilante. The TSS. Afterdead. Zombiepocalypse. Marian. And. And. And.


I can see how easy it would be to slip into madness.

Sometimes I wonder if I should get people to vote each day on where I should focus. Or should I learn discipline to just keep with one and only one story at a time? But then I risk killing the muse. But being overwhelmed can kill the muse too. It’s like walking a tightrope with your arms full of things you can’t bear to drop but that might topple you over.

The joys of being this writer. But I’ll get there. I already know I can, after all, we have My Fair Catherine coming out soon. Stay tuned this week for the release day announcement. It’s not far away now.

So, fellow people with stories and voices living in your head. How do you do it? Or are you tightroping the line of madness alongside me because the voices are real and they are demanding?



Friends, weirdos and imaginary characters, lend me your giggles.

There are a few things that make a day start good. One is realising that it isn’t Thursday, it is in fact Friday and I’m seeing the new Star Trek movie tonight. Another is having a very cute little monster crawl into bed and tell you how much he loves you and likes having you for his Mum. Another is friends that have you giggling and being a weird before you’ve even had breakfast.

Now I know people that argue that internet friends are not real friends and to them I say…I bite my thumb at you sir.

I have awesome, funny, clever, caring friends online, some of my closest friends are ones that have never sat in my lounge and giggled with me or gone window shopping with all the money we don’t have, all the normal kinds of things that friends do, but they have done the things that all friends should do. They have shared good times and bad with me, they have made me giggle, they have shared my pain and I’ve shared theirs. My Sam is an “internet friend” and it means nothing since distant hasn’t kept her from living half the time in the strange place I call a brain. Or what we refer to as the cosy brainspace.

Distance means nothing, internet means nothing, you can still have a connection as strong as if they lived across town. I will not accept the concept that internet friends aren’t real.

However I am open to discussion about my mental stability for being friends with imaginary characters and having been adopted by a killer vampire. There I might be willing to admit that I have some issues. Not that I plan on changing mind you, I know some amazing characters.

*Wanders off singing “My bestie lies over the ocean, my bestie lives over the sea, my besties lies over the ocean oh kidnap and bring her to meeeeeeeeeeeeee”*

They are judging me *sobs*

This becomes even funnier given the fact that two characters, one of mine and one of Sam’s  are faced by these two. So our characters are judging me. I had a couple of good days of writing on the weekend. I got out an 8,00o word rewrite for the tale of Aoife, who you will meet in Nyssa’s Tale. And I got another couple of thousand words written for Babypire. (Which if you haven’t already read you can see the opening of the orphaned story here)

But last night especially after a long day of work the muse was sluggish, and she seems to be the same today. Granted I am sluggish after a broken nights sleep but coffee has been consumed. I shall endeavour to get words out today. I can’t have former lovers Kyra and Lachlan judging me like this…. *hides from the judgement*