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Busy, busy and coming soon

So, things have been a bit quiet around here. Though luckily, we haven’t reached tumbleweed status. I’ve been pouring a lot of my energy into the website and working on myself. (I’ve started a six-week course called Big Love. It’s epic so far).

I might be a bigger work in progress than book one of Faeted Tales. (Though I change my mind about what I’m doing there more than I do about myself.) (But every change makes it better.) (I guess the same can be said for me.)

I’ve been thinking overnight about my cards and crafts. See, I keep thinking about just selling them but they were always meant to be about more than that. They’re about making others feel stellar, feel faebulous, feel Wiccad. That is what I want to achieve and somehow, I keep forgetting that. They are meant to be personalised, individual, motivational, from me or one of the other lovelies I play conduit to. They were never meant to be something to just sell.

I am here to make a difference!

Oh yes, the writing. My brain keeps jumping around with what I want to be working on. Overnight my brain was on the story for my witchywolf wives. Yesterday it was on the Faeted Tales. The day before it was all about Megea and a new glimpse into history.

So many stories to get down.

My to-do lists are generally between twenty and forty things per day so it’s hard to put all the time I want to into my writing. Lately, a lot of my time is being taken up by the new website. Yes, that’s right, The Princess Bard is getting a pretty website all of her own.

And what a lot of work it is. Transferring the blog posts over was the easiest part and even that was complicated with weird issues. But yay, I haven’t lost years’ worth of effort and posting.

It’s going to be amazing. I won’t add the clause “when it’s finished” because I have a feeling it will always be a work in progress, but it’s going to be amazing. There will be a shop eventually. And I’m excited to get working on the epic character pages and story pages. It’s going to be faebulous!

And there will be a competition when the new site goes public. So, keep an eye out of that.

I’m excited, you should be too.

Which means it’s time I got to work. Gotta do the work if I want to be Wiccad.

So, until next time…

Be stellar, be faebulous, be Wiccad. I love you.


My Fair Catherine – The Book Cover

I just finished the final edit on My Fair Catherine. Editing is hard. There is so much editing. I use the word ‘that’ too much… But I am so proud of what this book has transformed into. It’s so good. And I’m not the only one who thinks so…

So with just a few days to go, I thought you might want to know what to look for when you go looking for My Fair Catherine – City of the Wiccad: Episode 2.

We went through a lot more different concepts for this book cover and there wasn’t often agreement until we came up with the idea below. I am excited and I do love this look, it’s perfect for a Victorian Supernatural tale with love, drama, vampires, strong women, intrigue and revelations.



My Fair Catherine release date

Somehow time keeps marching away from me and suddenly we’re much closer to the release date for My Fair Catherine – City of the Wiccad: Episode 2 than I intended to be when I announced it. Nevertheless, here it is.


That’s right. On the 2nd of April 2017, you can download My Fair Catherine on Amazon Kindle. Catherine, our heroine, returns after her ghost adventures in An All Hallows’ Haunting. Living at the kindness of her best friend, Mina Larkin, Catherine finds her whole world, and her understanding of just what exists in it, turned upside down when she finds herself drawn to a charming young businessman. Dark forces follow her beau, dark forces that turn their deadly sights on Catherine. Can she survive long enough to come to know the secrets of the City? Will she survive to play a part in the Tales of the Wiccad? Or will a Child of the Night do what a ghost could not?

You can find out for yourself on the 2nd of April.

And don’t worry, if you’re wondering about Gabby, Maggie and her girls, and all the others of the City we met in City of the Wiccad – Episode 1: Beginnings, you will find an exclusive sneak peek of Episode 3 where we return to Miss Maggie Baker’s home as the Order reaches out its destructive hand.

I am so excited to share this with everyone, I’ve already been told it’s one of the best things I’ve written. Less than two weeks to go now!



To Share A Book Title

I know I’ve been a bit quiet about the book this last week but that is because I have been working hard on it. After thinking I was almost done, a final read through revealed that no, I was not done and I knew just how to make the second episode of City of the Wiccad even more amazing. The joys of editing.

But I am so pleased with the final result.

Episode 2 finds us returning to the heroine of An All Hallows’ Haunting, and a favourite character of mine, Catherine Belvedere. Which might explain the title of City of the Wiccad: Episode 2. I present our new title…


But do not fear, if you are hanging out to find out more about what happened after City of the Wiccad – Episode 1: Beginnings. For though My Fair Catherine brings in new players to the Tales of the Wiccad, you will get a teaser of Episode 3 when we shall return in earnest to Gabby, Maggie, the wonderful women of Maggie’s Home, and our dear Detective Inspector. And I promise you will not be disappointed.

If you have yet to read City of the Wiccad – Episode 1: Beginnings, you have time to download it, and Catherine’s first Novelette An All Hallows’ Haunting. Next week we will be announcing the release date for My Fair Catherine.

Stay tuned and keep being Wiccad!



City of the Wiccad – Meet Gabby

I have long loved stories of Victorian England, both historically accurate and ones that bring in a touch of the supernatural or steampunk. (Okay, the steampunk is new but the supernatural thing goes way back, Dracula was probably the first.) So, it really was not a surprise that the muse started bringing me characters set in that period.

It was not my first time dabbling, I was part of an epically wonderful Role Play set in those times and I was very sad when it died, as, alas, often happens in the RP world.

City of the Wiccad was born about five characters into a Victorian setting. It’s been a hard time trying to figure out who should start off the story with so many main players and amazing stories to be shared with you all.

Gabby became the story that really wanted to be told first, followed by Mother Maggie. And since the two stories weave through each other, their stories became the basis for the first book of City of the Wiccad.

But who are Gabby and Mother Maggie?

Well, how would you like a little introduction to how each of their stories begin? Jaidee agrees that is the best way to begin. And she would know, she is after all the Bard of the Wiccad, and the narrator of our City of the Wiccad tales.

So today let us meet Gabby:

Charity. How she loathed being called that. Her name was Gabriella, Gabby, named for the Angel and while she had never been an angel, she certainly was not now.

Gabby was the eldest of the three girls and she would die to protect her younger siblings. Something she had nearly done to rescue them from the fire that consumed their home and stole their parents from them.

It was possible she might yet make the ultimate sacrifice for them.

They were all three changed now, a demon living within each of them. Her sisters, Michaela and Sophia, were so young and innocent and now, because of Gabby’s choices after the fire, they lived with these clawing monsters within them, monsters that wished to feed and feed often.

The only way her sisters would be fed and allowed to live was for Gabby to work for the Bishop. She was a weapon against the enemies of the Church. This church was not pious and loving, but controlling and powerful.

A succubus lived within Gabby now, merging with Gabby herself until she no longer knew who she truly was before this began.

Gabby hungered for sin, and she sought these sins out with the enemies of her Church, creating them if they were not to be found. It was not the life she had dreamed of but she had begun to find some peace with it. Her sister’s, however, had little peace.

In the coming days, you’ll get introduced to Maggie and you’ll find out just what it means to be Wiccad.

And remember to note in your diary that City of the Wiccad is coming to Amazon Kindle on Monday the 19th of December. Not long to go now. I am so excited.

Sorry, Jaidee. We are so excited.