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Books, lists and school holidays.

It’s been a busy week, school is on a two-week break here at the moment which means less time for writing and crafting and more time for being a fun Mum and trying not to feel motion sick as K shows me the new Minecraft world he’s built.

He’s been off with his Nana and Aunty the last couple of nights and because of it, I got 2,000 words written on one of the Faeted Tales projects. Faeted Tales is currently winning the poll for Which Book Should Be Released Next, which you can still vote on. I think I’ll make my decision final decision this weekend, so if you want your opinion heard, get in now.

This week has been more productive as I embrace lists. I was having horrid nights of sleep and dreams, dealing with issues and just generally feeling on the crap side of the fence. So I devoted a half an hour after I got up to making a list of how I was going to use and prioritise my time. It’s been very effective. (Though terrifyingly my list was two pages of my A4 size notebook long….obviously a few things will be on next week’s list.)

One of the exciting things to come out of this week is starting my new weekly series The Bloodied Briar, which is also now on Wattpad so all those cool kids who read there can follow it.

The other cool thing I achieved this week is learning new tricks for hat decoration.

This was one of my original creations:

Designed and decorated hat

Now thanks to online tutorials I will be attempting far more epic concepts for fantasy and steampunk themed hats. I even have one I’m designing with a Doctor Who theme, there will be pictures once it’s done. In fact, I’m thinking once a week there might be a post around my creations as I move towards opening my own Etsy store.

So yes, a lot to come on the blog and elsewhere across social media. Remember if you want to keep up to date you can subscribe by email to the blog up there on the right-hand side menu.

Until next time, be stellar, be faebulous, be Wiccad.

*blows kisses*



Be Nice

Totally stole this from Facebook but I kind of loved it.

One of my quotes I write on everything has always been “Be the magic you wish to see in the world.” Which of course is based from “Be the change you wish to see in the world” from Ghandi. It’s about personal responsibility, like choose your mood. If you want to see more love in the world, be loving, if you want kindness then be kind, if you wish to see more intelligence then, well, read a book and improve yourself.

It’s all very good to bitch and moan about everyone else and do nothing yourself. Time to man up or shut up.

ANZAC Day and an emotional princess

Today is April 25th here in New Zealand, a public holiday to honour ANZAC Day. It is a day of remembrance, it marks the day that ANZAC troops landed at Gallipoli, but it has come to honour so much more.
It’s always an emotional day for me. Majority of my years I have been to ANZAC services in Auckland, Hamilton and Tokoroa. I have marched as a Girl Guide, I have marched as an ATC cadet, I’ve stood on cenotaph duty and laid poppies and wreaths. I’ve also nearly passed out on parade and caught another cadet who did. I’ve walked the donkeys to honour the story of Simpson and his donkey and the concept that no man gets left behind. I’ve shed a lot of tears over the years. But it took me being old enough to understand what it is to have those you love serving to have the emotional reaction and understanding I do now. My sister is a nurse in the army and currently in New Caledonia with a group of Veterans, a much safer activity than the deployments I know she could have.

A few years ago to commemorate the day I wrote a piece that will feature in one of the Children of the Immortal books, so I thought I’d share it today. Some of you might recognise the story from a previous piece shared…


Charlie and Els sat together watching the parade on the television, soldiers past and present marching together to honour the service and sacrifice of those gone, those still serving and those yet to. Charlie put his arm around Els and tucked her in against his side. He’d lived through many of the wars they talked of, and died in one as strange as that sounded. He had lost friends and those he considered family in the Great wars. But he knew Els was going further back than he was, she had seen more battles than she had ever wished and lost too many people to war. He didn’t like it when she was this quiet, sitting with tears falling down her cheeks. He didn’t know what to say, he’d always been at a loss to help Els at the best of times, but he was always there for her and always loved her. The coverage came to an end and Elspeth sang, as she did every time she remembered the fallen and those lost in battle.
“If I should fall
Carry me home
Carry me on
Carry me still in your heart
I do not die
I just move on
My time here
My time gone
Until I come again
Carry me on
Carry me home
Carry my name on your lips
My deeds in your mind
My love in your heart
I do not go
I do not die
I live here within you still
Carry me on
Carry me high on my shield
Carry me home
Live for me
Love me still
Carry me on
Carry me home
Carry me always
Carry me in your heart
Carry me…”

Charlie tilted her head up and softly wiped her cheeks with a clean hanky. “Come on love, let’s go find the others and cheer you up.”