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Empathy, magic wands and rambling

I’ve seen a lot of people hurting lately, from little things and upsets, to life adjusting pain and sadness. It aches my heart to not be able to help the people who seem to need it, to heal their hearts or bodies, to bring them the happiness that they deserve. One of my main characters, Jaidee, is an empathy and she is that because that’s what I’ve been told I am since I was a child. Sometimes it’s not that good for me when I take on other people’s emotions and pain and feel them myself, but it helps me understand others, it helps me feel for them and connect.

But man oh man, do I wish it came with a magic wand. I want to wave that wand and heal the world. I want to heal my friends, my loved ones of pain and stress, and also use the wand to bop some people on the head who are causing others to be hurting or suffer. But I can’t and it leaves me feeling helpless, and sometimes leads me to withdrawing, especially when I can’t seem to even deal with my own feelings and I don’t want to bring them to other people, or get to the point where I think others even want to know.

Feelings. They’re annoying and complicated sometimes.

Where is that magic wand already?

Here have a hug.