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An Irish Blessing

Since I cannot for the life of me figure out how to share this Entice the Mind post here like I would a normal WordPress post. I shall just let you follow the link yourself and I’ll share the Irish Blessing graphic I made.

Be safe today, and well all days. And may all the blessings be yours.


Moon bridge by masKade

Today’s art is Moon bridge by masKade. I saw this on tumblr yesterday thanks to a friend and just fell in love with it, and the originally poster was a gem and had the link to where I could find the original.

I love the moon, especially the full moon. Even if lately with this full moon I’ve been back to exhausting dreams and sleepless moments each night. Last night I went and stood outside, barefoot on the grass and just let the bright moonlight wash over me before I went and crawled into bed. It was the best feeling.

Seeing this image prompted just a small bit of poetic inspiration:

You asked me for the moon and I gave it to you.

But not all things in life are easy

You must reach for it too

What do you take from this picture? Does the full moon inspire anything for you? Be it ritual, habit or transforming into a large and fuzzy creature of myth?