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I have a happy and a ramble

So as of today I have reached my first weight loss goal – lose 10kgs (22 pounds for you guys who do things in strange ways). This has given me a happy as you can imagine. It’s been hard work and those of you who followed Jasmine’s story know just how emotional and dark it got at the beginning but life is just trucking along so well now. Sure I still have my ups and downs. And there are certain areas of my life that just frustrate me to hell and back as some of you know. But all the really important things are going so well.

And the best news? The muse is waking up again!! So thrilled about that. I am really quite proud of some of the things I and we have written in the last few days, especially that we finally broke the muse block that has had Tiffany and Owen’s story sitting there unwritten for so long. It was one of the first stories that Sam and I started to create together about two years ago. I think it is around the 60,000 word mark now… I am stunned when I look at the word counts of our stories, we have so many between 30,000 and 90,000. It’s a LOT of words. I truly cannot wait to share them all with you guys, especially those of you who already know some of the characters. (Yes Jaidee is bouncing around desperate to have her stories shared, so, really, I must get writing hadn’t I.)

In other news related to the start of this ramble I have found the dress style I wish to have made for me when I reach my target weight. I stumbled upon it in tumblr and it was instantly love. *makes grabby hands*

In other news I reached 100 official followers of this blog with my last post and I just want to say hello to everyone and please feel free to leave comments and interact. I only bite when you ask nicely 😉