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Music Muse Monday – Smashing Pumpkins “1979”

Welcome to another new thing for the blog. As I’ve already blogged about, music is a huge part of my writing and inspiration. So keeping that in mind I thought I could make Monday about sharing the music I’ve been listening to for inspiration, or music that has inspired.

Today’s song, (and the whole album “Melancholy and the infinite sadness”), has been music that has inspired me for a long time. When I knocked out Eiridis in six weeks I listened to the album and song again and again. The muse has been a bit more on the quiet side the last few days, so with that in mind I decided this morning that it was time to turn back to some tried and true music to get me inspired and get the words flowing. (Even if it is Monday and I do have to leave for work in fifteen minutes).

There might be another reason that I adore this song. If you listen to the lyrics you might just be able to work out why. *grins*

So what songs inspire you? What are you listening to at the moment?