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A kiss can be deadly. – A Tienai tale.

Balien liked to throw parties. Grand lavish affairs that, after the tragedy that had befallen him, allowed him to keep busy, to keep sane, and to keep people around him. It also afforded him a chance to keep an eye on Jaidee’s twin sister Tienai.

The parties were decadent events. If even half the rumours about them were true, few had ever thrown more sinful and wicked revelries. This was what drew Tienai to them. She lived for the wild, the reckless and the dangerous. She needed the experiences that kept her feeling alive and let her forget reality.

Tonight, Balien’s party had a theme of black and silver. Tienai wore a figure hugging dress of shimmering silver. Black ribbons wound through her hair, strands falling around her face and tickling against her shoulders. A simple black lace mask covered her face.

The anonymity of the masks had also appealed to Tienai. Though few Fae could travel the worlds since the end of the age, enough could that she could cross paths with one and Tienai actively avoided the judgement that came with it. She was after all banished and branded and none could do anything but spurn her because of it.

The music was slow tonight, the air heavy with intimate intentions. Tienai had yet to find anyone who could draw her from her seat and her drink as she watched the dancers. Not that she had been short on offers. Even Balien had offered her a dance but she declined, it was the other Tia’Elnial sister he wished to have in his arms. Jaidee was not here and Tienai would not be his distraction.

The current song had a stronger beat to it, slow though it was. Tienai found herself swaying to the music, each beat the cue to change directions. Her eyes closed and she simply let herself go. Though she was no bard as her sister was, she let the music entice her from her seat to dance by herself. By the time the song ended she almost felt happy. She was so close to a feeling of contentment that she could not allow herself to open her eyes and bring the moment to an end.

A new song began to play and a hand slid into hers.

“May I?”

A charge ran through Tienai at the touch of the hand and she opened her eyes to find herself staring at a mask of a tree man, silver maple leaves beautifully sculptured to form the face. The mask showed only his lips which were barely visible beyond his facial hair. The man’s eyes were nothing but shadows. There was something familiar about him regardless and Tienai wondered if she had known him at a previous party.

“It would be my pleasure.”

“I do hope so.”

There was a familiar cheekiness in his tone and Tienai found herself blushing. Her happiness was almost giddiness and it was not simply from the alcohol she had been consuming. The Tree-man in the black suit led her onto the dance floor among the other guests. One hand started on her hip and slid around her back to hold her close to him. With the height of her shoes, they seemed a good match for each other and Tienai imagined it would be easy enough for him to kiss her.

He kept holding her other hand, changing the grip as they began to dance. The song was slow and romantic, it had an easy rhythm for their bodies to pick up.

“It feels wonderful to have you in my arms again, Tienai.”

“You have me at a disadvantage, for I do not recall a time where you might have held me. Your mask gives little hint as to who you might be.”

“I would be wounded but it has been some time.”

“Would you give me your name?”

“If you should guess it, then so be it. Otherwise, I am just your mystery suitor for the night, and I am sure the excitement will only grow for you for it.”

“Do you disadvantage yourself then for knowing me.”

“Trust me, Tienai. Nothing could excite me more than you this night.”

Tienai found she did not care who was behind the mask now, he was right that it was exciting. And what he had said in that husky tone had excited her too. It might have been a line but it certainly worked on her.

By the second song, their bodies were pressed against each other, Tienai’s arms were around his neck, and his were wrapped tightly around her. His palms were pressed to her back and the only time their bodies parted even a little bit was when he would dip her backwards. His beard would tickle her chest as he followed her down, she waited each time for the touch of his lips but he denied her each time.

“This feels so natural, as though you were meant to be in my arms,” he murmured.

“I find I agree,” Tienai replied. And she did agree. Whoever he was, she could only imagine the passion that they had shared before if the chemistry between them now was to be believed. Still, that did not make it easy to guess who he was. Not because there had been so many, but because she could think of very few who had given her such passion since her banishment. And she was certain he could not be them. Perhaps she had been far too intoxicated the last time, and she found herself regretting that now.

After a fourth song, they left the dance floor and the ballroom and made their way outside, walking until they found themselves in the courtyard to the east of the house. The courtyard was a classical style, large statues stood at each of the corners of the stone tiles. Beside each burned a large torch. From the lack of smoke, it seemed they burned by more magical means. It was just like Balien to cheat like that.

Tienai’s mystery man stood behind her, his arms looped around her with his hands resting on her stomach. He nuzzled her neck as he began to speak. “We stood like this once and we looked up at the stars. A star burned bright and soared across the sky and I wished on it.”

“What did you wish for?”

“To keep the woman in my arms.”

“For the night?”

“Or at least a few hours.”

His laughter was loud in her ear and Tienai had a feeling he was teasing. She did not know how much of this story was a fabrication to seduce her, and how much was truth. She did not really care.

“And if she wished to be kept for this night?”

“Then she would be worshipped and pleased until she could take no more.”

“I am sure she could not wish for more than that.”

“Perhaps tonight both our wishes can come true.”

“I do wish so.”

They stood in the courtyard for a while longer. His lips explored her throat and shoulder as she leant back against him, eyes on the skies. She did not look for a shooting star, for at that moment she had nothing she wished for more.

They retired to one of Balien’s guest bedrooms and locked the door behind them. The masks stayed on but nothing else did, and without any lights in the room, Tienai was no closer to being able to tell who her mystery lover was.

She did not spare much time on who he was. She was lost in the now, in sharing passion with him. He had not lied when he said he would show her pleasure. He took his time letting his hands and lips learn and taste her body. She was equally giving.

She slept in his arms afterwards, exhausted and pleased. When she woke, sunlight was pouring in the edges of the curtains and she rolled to face him. His mask had fallen off or been discarded in the night.

She could see him now and she knew him. It broke her heart.

Lying there with a smile on his face, even in his sleep, was the first man that Tienai had ever loved. The first man she had ever been with.


Which meant that Tienai had to leave. To be with her, to know her now, it was to put himself in danger. She was banished; it was forbidden to give aid or kindness to a banished Fae. It was why Tienai kept her own sister at arm’s length; to protect her.  Lachlan had been foolish to approach her.

She had to leave, for his sake.

So, Tienai dressed and used her magic to flee from him, half way around the world where it was night again, an acceptable time to drink. And drink Tienai did. Seeing Lachlan, knowing what they shared and could not again, it broke Tienai all over again and she wanted to forget. She wanted to forget the pain, the banishment. The shame. She wanted to forget who she was. She wanted to feel nothing.

By the time it was morning again, Tienai was comatose and blissfully pain-free. And Lachlan was safe with her far from him with only a mask on a pillow to remember her by.



Lyric Warm-Up Writing 28: Say Goodbye


It’s been a while, I’ve been working on some novel stuff but I know I need to get back into a good habit of writing. I had a request for more Rachel and Herger, so here we go. (If there is someone you want more of, feel free to ask. Sometimes it helps to know who I’m meant to write for.)

You can find more of Rachel’s stories so far here and here. Technically you can find another couple of drabbles, but I’ll leave that for you to work out or you can wait for the big reveals. For now, enjoy today’s story.

Say Goodbye

“I didn’t realise today was Saint Patrick’s Day,” Matthew said as he stepped inside the tent. He looked hot and sweaty even though the day was completely overcast. And he had smudges of dirt all over his face.

“What are you talking about, Matty?” Rachel got up from the desk and grabbed the packet of wet wipes. She pulled free one, and treating Matthew like she would her own son, she started to clean his face off for him.

“You look green.”

“I do not,” Rachel replied. She was trying to recall if she could have gotten any green ink on her face but she was sure she had not even used her green pen today.

“You do. I guess it’s because a certain professor is back today.”

“Oh, shut your face.” Rachel threw the dirty wipe at Matthew. Her cheeks had instantly turned pink at the mention of Herger. Yes, she was, in fact, feeling quite sick at the thought of his return. She was dreading him returning with a spring in his step and an immovable smile on his face.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want him happy. She just was sick with jealousy that it was someone else that held his heart and created his happiness.

“Ah, so it’s true. You wear the green face for the professor.”

“You’re so full of it.”

“I think you’re the one full of it. Full of the lurve. I might have to go and cry for my broken heart.”

“As I already said, you’re so full of it,” Rachel said. She couldn’t help but laugh as he pantomimed dying of a broken heart. “And no, I’m just busy trying to get things ready for my absence, remember I’m going to be gone for a week. I leave first thing in the morning.”

“So then the professor can pine after you while you’re gone. I like it, good balance.”

“Pine after me? Did you have another of the poles fall on your head? Or is this exhaustion speaking?”

“Why shouldn’t he? You’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous! You’re every man’s dream.”

“And you’re full of it.”

Matthew was sweet but he was clearly a bit crazy. Herger had not looked at her before the fashion beauty came into his life, or back into it as some people said. He would not be looking at her now.

“I have to get going, Matthew. Herger gets in on the tiny plane of doom in an hour and he will need a ride back to the village.”

“Give him a kiss from me,” Matthew said and winked at Rachel. He left her to pack up her bag and find the keys to take Herger’s rental car and go and pick him up.

Rachel was still shaking her head at Matthew’s antics when she got in the car. She felt physically sick as she pulled out from the site and down the gravel road, dust kicking up in her rear view as she accelerated too quickly. She arrived at the airport to find out that Herger had been delayed, he would not be coming in just a half hour before she would fly out to head home to Shaun for his school camp as she had promised.

Heart heavy but moderately relieved at the same time, Rachel drove back to the bed and breakfast house that she and a few of the others were staying in. She stayed up late packing, distracted often by thoughts of Herger. Many of them quite x-rated. She fell into bed around one in the morning and dreamed.

“Does it hurt much?”

“If I say yes, will you stay with me?” She looked up into his bright eyes. They were a bright blue tonight, sometimes they almost seemed green. It was the first time that she had been this close to stare into them. Herger was leaning down over her looking at her wound where the bullet had grazed her.

“I shall stay even if you say no.”

“Then I shall say it did hurt but it feels numb after what they put on it. It went cold.”

“I am pleased to hear that. You were very lucky.”

“I know, I hope Els is okay. We never thought another woman would betray us like that. Not for him.”

“You cannot underestimate the selfishness of people,” Herger said and gently moved the bandage to look at her wound.

She smiled as she watched him look at it. He was so close, maybe she should wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him. Surely he would not reject the injured woman….

Rachel woke up feeling exhausted. It had been a strange dream, one of those ones that were clearly set in the past but Herger was still Herger. It was also one of the most G-rated dreams she’d had about him in a while.

Rachel dressed and headed for the airport. At least Herger’s car would be there when he arrived, in case he was late again. She could leave the keys with the woman in the office. Airport was kind of a generous term, it was more an airstrip with a building.

“Rachel. Hello.”

“Herger. Goodbye.” Rachel replied with a laugh. Her stomach was doing back flips at the sight of him. She tried not to turn into a lovesick fool gazing at him but she was sure that her cheeks were blushing of their own accord.


“I’m off for the week to my son’s school camp.”

“I completely forgot.”

“I’m sure your mind has been on other things while you’ve been away,” Rachel replied and tried not to sound sad or bitter about that. It was not her place to be, no matter her feelings for him. “Matthew has everything under control and he can fill you in on what’s been happening. I’ll be back in a week.”

Remembering the car keys she quickly gave them to Herger before she ended up flying away with them. Without thinking she leant up and kissed Herger’s cheek as he took the keys. She actually kissed him goodbye and she was traumatised by it. Forcing a laugh, she blushed and tried not to look away. “That was from Matthew. He dared me. Tell him he owes me twenty when I get back. See you then.”

Tripping over her luggage, Rachel beat a hasty retreat from Herger and went to get her bag on the plane before she boarded. She could see him from her window but was unable to make out his face. She did notice him wave as the plane taxied and she waved back to him.

She hoped Matthew would back her up on the dare, and he had told her to give Herger a kiss from him after all. A week was a long time, maybe Herger would have forgotten about it when she got back. One could hope, right?


Lyric Warm-Up Writing – So Sick About It


So I’m trying to start the week off as I mean to begin (and not let this lingering cough keep me down), so I decided to start my day off with words. A more modern song but it took me to an older time. Not quite sure who this new character is but perhaps a past life of someone. I suppose we shall see if I the muse is prodded to bring more to the story. Enjoy.

So Sick About It

It was all too easy to avoid Robert. For the first time, the lack of freedom afforded Olivia worked to her advantage.

She had no wish to see the man she had dreamed might woo her, might love her. To see him in such a scandalous state with her cousin had been a shock that left her sick to her stomach. Not to mention the anger that came with the realisation he preferred her cousin, Veronica. Veronica was a nasty and spiteful girl. Olivia’s hair still did not sit right on the side that Veronica had hacked off while she lay sleeping.

And yet it had been Veronica that had been in his lap. Veronica that he had been kissing.

Olivia was heartsick.

Robert had sent her letters, visited the house many times to request her company over the last two weeks but Oliva had burned the letters and refused to leave her room. She had to leave her room for meals, to sit across from Veronica and see her smug and taunting smile made Olivia lose her appetite.

Her! He had chosen that…that…

The only time that Olivia left her house was after dark when no one else knew. She would climb out of her bedroom window and go for a walk around the apple orchard.

“Miss Atherton?”

The sound of her name startled Olivia as she walked. The sight of Robert made her stomach lurch. His clothes were dishevelled and he seemed to have a twig in his hair. He had clearly been on the ground and Olivia could only think of one reason he might be lying on the ground in the orchard so late in the evening.

Clearly, she had just missed Veronica.

“Good evening,” she replied and turned on her heel to walk away. It seemed his involvement with her cousin had gone even beyond kisses and Olivia did not wish for him to see her crying over him. He was obviously not the man she thought he had been and he did not deserve to know she cared so much.

“Please, Miss Atherton. I have been trying to explain the incident with your cousin.”

“Incident? Is that we are calling it?”

“It was not what you believe, Miss Atherton.”

“Oh, and I suppose I am wrong about why you are in the orchard, Mister Johnson?” How stupid did Robert think she was? Just because Olivia was not worldly like her cousin and had not been with men as she had, that did not mean Olivia knew nothing of such things. “Never mind, your life has nothing to do with me.”

“I had hoped my life would be very important to you.”

“I hardly think you have room in your life for my concerns with my cousin sharing your bed.”

“Excuse me?”

Olivia turned and began to walk away, she had said too much.

“Miss Atherton, wait.” Robert rushed forward and stopped in front of Olivia.

Olivia tried to sidestep him and tripped over a tree root. She sprawled onto the ground. From the pain in her ankle, she had sprained it. Wonderful.

“Olivia?” Robert knelt beside her and tried to help her sit up.

Olivia smacked his hand away. She did not want his help. She could imagine this whole scene would make Veronica laugh until her sides hurt when she was told. “Get away from me, just go back to Veronica and laugh at me.”

“I do not understand.”

“Just leave me alone, Mister Johnson.” Olivia struggled to her feet, refusing his aid but could not hide her pained look when she put her weight on her left foot.

“You are hurt?”

“More than you know.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing. I am fine. Just leave me alone.”

“Not while you are hurt, whatever you think of me I am not going to leave you hurt and alone in the orchard.”

“Oh, so you would escort me home and have my family think that it was I that you seduced in the orchard and not my cousin?”

Robert looked at Olivia with an almost comical expression. His mouth opened and closed and no sound came out. He shook his head after a moment and tried again. “I did not seduce your cousin in the orchard.”

“No, I suppose you would not need to. She probably arranged it herself.”

“I did not mean…I fell asleep. I, I have never seduced your cousin and if you would let me explain.”

“I hardly wish to know more of your dalliances or hear your confessions of love for my cousin. I wish you both happiness,” Olivia said though her tone seemed to contradict her words.

Robert let out a frustrated sigh. “Miss Atherton, I am not in love with your cousin, nor am I trying to seduce her. What you saw…”

“Was you two in a most heated embrace.”

“She kissed me.”

“You hardly seemed to be fighting her off.”

“I was surprised.”

“Oh, I am quite sure.” Olivia’s words dripped with sarcasm. He had appeared to be returning the kiss. That was his business.

“I had told her that she wasted her time on me.”

“Oh yes, I can see that would lead to kissing.”


“Mister Johnson, please leave me to make my way home.”

“Not until you listen to me.”

Olivia crossed her arms over her chest and stood there, wobbling on one foot as she tried to keep any pressure off the other. “And why should I?”

“Because I wish to explain. It aches me to think that you are hurting over something that should not have happened.”

“I assure you, I am not hurting.”

“I have known you all our lives, Miss Atherton. I know when you are hurting. I know when you are happy, sad, ill, pretending to not be. I know you, Miss Atherton. Because I love you. I told your cousin as much and when she heard you approaching she threw herself at me.”

Olivia’s arms fell from her chest and she was now the one with the comical expression. He seemed so sincere and that was something that Olivia had always prized in Robert. Before she could reply with anything more than a silent opening of her mouth there was the noise of Cabal, her father’s hunting dog. Followed by her father and Uncle Reginald.

“I never thought it would be true.”

“Veronica said you might be here.”

The two men spoke at them rapidly and ignored both as they tried to reply. Olivia stomped her foot and screamed in pain which finally silenced the men of her family.

“Please, Father. It is not what it appears to be and if you would let me explain.”

Robert shot her a look and she supposed the irony of her now saying those words was not lost on him. Perhaps things were not always as they seemed to be when you stumbled upon a situation.



Lyric Warm-Up Writing Day 22 – To A Happier Place


Today’s inspiration took a long while to get moving but now that it has I think it could become something larger one day, depending on interest and the willingness of the muse. So let me know if you want to know more…

To A Happier Place

“There once was a girl worthy of a song. It was not right for misery to be visited on her. He wanted to save her from it, take her away where they could not find her again. But they were only sixteen and there was little he could do to take her from her family. Instead, here family took her from him. They moved and he cried when she drove away.”

“Did she die?”

“What? No.” He shook his head and laughed at his daughter, good-naturedly of course. “You’re as dramatic as your mother.”

“Did he save her then, drive after her and take her away to a better place.”

“He did not.”

“Well, this is a terrible bedtime story, Dad.”

“You’re not letting me tell it.”


“I’ll skip to the good parts, shall I?”

From the hallway, Kaitlyn listened and knew that her husband was going to skip many of the parts. At least she hoped he would. The truth of the story was not one that needed to be shared with their daughter.

They had grown up as neighbours. Her childhood had not been happy, her family had moved away from the only good thing in her life. In their new home, things grew worse and she ran away.

A life on the street was not better, but it was not worse.

For a pretty young girl, she learned how to make money on the street. She did things she did not want to, for people she did not like. And that was where Declan had found her again.

They had not seen each other since they were sixteen years old but he had known her instantly. She had been thinner than then. Dirtier. Her clothes were all the wrong sizes. Her hair was a mess of knots and grease. She had dirt and blood dried on her face. The cleanest thing about her was the handcuffs that circled her wrists as she was lead to the police car by his partner.

“Kaitlyn? My god Kaitlyn, what are you doing here?”

“You know this girl?” His partner looked at her with disdain. “Wait, this is Kaitlyn?”

It took her a moment to recognise him. She had not seen him in such a long time and she had not thought to see him again. Plus, his face was hidden behind a thick beard now. “Declan?”

He had removed her handcuffs and despite the state of her, he had hugged her tight to him.

She was glad to see him of course, but she was also deeply horrified to have him see her like this. Declan had been her first love, in many ways, her only love. Her life did not lead towards love, she had given up her dignity but never her heart. It was the only thing she had left of her own.

But here he was, a good man, a lawman.

Over the next week, he had her charges dropped and he took her in. He was a good man, and he had never forgotten her. And when he looked at her, Declan saw something that Kaitlyn could not believe existed anymore. But how could she tell him who she had become, what she had done, while he looked at her so tenderly?

“Dad! That did not happen!” Kaitlyn was pulled back from the past to the now.

“It’s true. He arrested his one true love because she punched a bully in the teeth.”

“You did not. I mean he did not.” Sara, their daughter, giggled.

“Eh gads, you figured out the truth.”

Kaitlyn wondered as she listened to her husband and daughter if it was time to tell their daughter the truth. She was old enough to know the truth, and about her mother and her brother. Whether she would think differently of her mother was a question that Kaitlyn was scared to find the answer to.

But it was better to tell her the truth willingly. Secrets had a way of coming out. Kaitlyn knew that well, she had tried so hard to keep secrets from Declan, and they had all come out…

But that was part of the story, and to tell it right she needed to start at the beginning. But it was already late. Maybe she would tell it tomorrow…



Lyric Warm-Up Writing Day 14 -Lovers entwined divine


A haunting song that could only lead to a haunting tale. Sometimes it’s hard to do these without giving away spoilers of things to come in the books but I do my best. Back in time again we go, enjoy.

Lovers entwined divine


“We might only have this night.”

“Then we love with all that is in us until I see you again. I will see you again?”

“Not with these eyes perhaps but I will find you.”

“You swear it?”

“I swear it.”

She took his blade and pierced his thumb and then her own. She mixed their blood and marked their foreheads. An ancient promise, the magic in the blood.

He kissed her fiercely. The fates were cruel and again and again, they were ripped apart. This time, at least this time they remembered the past and they pleaded for a future. A future where they could love each other, where they could stay together. A future where she was not hunted and he was not taken.

This present was not that future, they both knew it. Those who pursued them were too close to them now and there was no escape. A great ocean lay at their backs and soldiers approached from all directions. He would fight, fight until he had no fight left in him. She would fight, she would try to flee, but they both knew how it ended. How it always ended.

“To love me is danger and pleasure but your love is my only treasure. I will wait for you. I will search for you.”

She stood and unlaced the ties that held her dress together at the shoulders and it fell to her ankles leaving her bathed in nothing but the waning moonlight. He was quick to remove his own clothes but left his sword close. They did not know how much time they had and he would have need of it before the sun rose, that much they knew.

“I will wait for you, I will come for you. I swear it, my shining one.” There were tears in his eyes now, he was not happy to be lost to her so soon after they had found each other. After they had remembered each other. “My Queen. My goddess.”

She smiled at him and at the memory of other lives, of other times he had called her goddess and kissed her. He did so again. His lips claiming hers with an almost bruising force.

He called her goddess and then he would be gone. The fates would see to it.

But they had tonight.

“I bind myself to you again, my soul and heart are yours,” She spoke ancient words of promise and union.

“I bind myself to you again, my heart and soul remain yours,” He replied as he slowly lowered them down onto the rough blanket that would be their bed this night.

“I give myself willingly.”

“I give myself willingly.”

There were no words after that, none were needed.

A wind rose up, whipping around them but never touching them. For these moments the very elements would give them privacy, would keep all who might harm them at bay. It was a gift of the cruel fates, there would be a balance. Good for the bad. And there would be bad.

At sunrise, the soldiers came, led by a man who would never feel anything but hate for them both. A petty man who had taken more power than he was entitled to and still wished for more.

The two lovers stood side by side. He lifted his sword and she wielded the magic she wished to be free of.

Many lay dead when the battle was finished. She wept over the body of her beloved, his blood soaking her body.

“I will find you again,” She promised and then they came for her.

When they were done with her she would not remember as she had. Her body and mind would be broken again. This was her curse and her punishment.

At least this time she knew why. At least this time the daughter of the Dragon Queen remembered.