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A little advice

It’s Monday morning here in Middle Earth and I found this on Tumblr. It seemed like good advice so I thought I would share it. (Picture is not mine and there was no source so if it is yours let me know and I’ll give proper credit)


Sing, snap and giggle

Okay so I saw this thing about taking photos while singing and that the results are hilarious, doesn’t matter what you think about yourself and photos because the results are just so hilarious you will have the mad giggles by the end of it. So I decided to test this out, most of you know I am still struggling with my self image, but I am getting better. (It helps that I look in the mirror and get surprised again at how much weight I’ve lost.) So anyway I did it, and I was in hysterics, can’t breathe hysterics by the end of it. I decided to pick a song I get animated singing. So I went with ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ the Rock of Ages version.

One thing I discovered, I tilt my head a lot singing and I go cross eyed to hit the higher notes. So here I present the results, if you don’t giggle then you need to have a hilarity transplant stat! Now before you look, here is your mission. Go and do this, post the results, link me them in the comments because I want a giggle at you too!

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