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And on the seventh day she created

So, it is Monday here in Middle Earth which has come to mean Music Muse Monday. Today however I have something more to post about. I had a very busy day yesterday with much creation going on. I could have done more but getting to designing and painting up the black DVD cabinet just didn’t get done. However I was busy in other ways. I thought I would share a little of what I got up to yesterday…

A trip to Spotlight this morning and I came home armed with painting supplies and more beads and pendants (because I clearly needed more). It took a while for the necklace muse to get going but once she did I created two new necklaces. These are in progress shots:

The evening rolled around and the Sunday night movie of choice was…uhmm….give me a second…had that guy in it…oh, right. The Da Vinci Code with bare bum Bettany. While I was watching the movie I decided to pick up a pencil and my note book and this piece of art or visual poetry came about. I quite like it. Sleeping Beauty has always been one of my favourite princesses and I do love the Disney version.




In the mist she walked

Tanlged in the Briar

A Princess dreaming

Alone in the night





Before bed I took a few minutes to spend outside looking at the stars as I do quite often. The clouds were spotted around the sky with stars between and it looked quite beautiful. I wished I had a camera that could catch such sights. Instead a poem sprung in to my mind.

 Are we immortal like the stars
Shining on forever it seems
Are we but an illusion
Long gone though we remain seen 
Do we shine on after we burn out
Fading after our demise
Do we light up the dark after our deaths
A brilliant star in life’s starry skies

So all in all it was a productive and creative Sunday. Oh and while in bed I wrote a couple of hundred words on one of our stories. Go me.

So on the seventh day did you, or are you creating or resting?


Our souls touched

I had a strange dream last night. It involved organising to pick pocket a visiting priestess who turned out to be on our side, small earthquakes and ominous raging seas, singing the song from King Arthur and magically jumping around the land to avoid Roman soldiers.
So, really, pretty normal for me.
I woke up feeling inspired and rather magical. And I wrote a poem. It was around four am in the morning so I wrote it by the light of the phone into my notebook, so as you can imagine…staying within the lines on the page did not happen. I thought I would share the poem. It relates very much to a few of our characters in our stories. The souls in some of our stories, especially the Children of the Immortals and the Shadows of Avalon tales, are bound beyond death and distance – for better or worse sometimes. But in my mind it is a powerful concept and at times a romantic one. Our souls may touch from life to life and be drawn back to each other again.
Our souls touched
In days gone by
The world does not forget these things
We do not forget these things
As lives move on
Death may come
We may return
But we do not forget these things
Our souls touched
You are a part of me