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Welcome to the end and the beginning.

That’s right, this will be one of the last posts for here. I have a brand new blog babeh! Actually, a whole new website which is quite epic!

Come and check out theprincessbard.com and sign up to the blog via email or WordPress.

All the short stories, drabbles, and lyrically inspired tales are easily readable now on the new site, poems too. All the blog posts from here have been carried over, and even most of the comments. So fantastic.

Coming soon to theprincessbard.com will be character pages, series pages and most amazing of all….A SHOP! That’s right, all my crafts and Wiccad products will be available for sale on the site. And soon we’ll be organising a big competition with fantastic prizes. So remember to sign up so you don’t miss out on that.

So come enter the kingdom of theprincessbard.com. It’s faebulous!


The Sacrifice

Today’s story is a bit special because it’s a gift for @shewhoshipsCS aka @thegreatshipcaptainswan aka Jeannie who is having a Hatchday today. So since I can’t be there, please enjoy this wonderful story written for you.

His father’s old rocking chair moved gently back and forth and the motion had put her to sleep. She was safe in his arms. She was safe in the dilapidated house they’d made their own. Safe from the outside world and the wicked people who walked it.
But the gentle rocking and the comforting arms could not keep her mind from finding danger.
Zena cried out and twitched in her sleep.

“We have to go back.”
The two men reined in their horses and looked back down the road the way they had come, down beyond the wagons that remained and the people that still lived. Charles and Matthew had to lead their people to safety now; their father was among the dead. Everything had changed and it had changed so fast.
The two brothers had been fighting when the first arrows had whistled through the air. Had it not been for Matthew’s good hearing, an arrow might have ended up in Charles’s back. They had been trying to beat each other senseless, trying to hurt each other over a young woman whom they were both in love with.
A young woman who had been left behind. One life to save many. And she had been the one brave enough to make the sacrifice. She had been the one to urge them all to go, to save themselves. She had been crying but resolute as they rode away.
“We have to get our people to safety first. Our duty comes before our hearts.”
“How can you say that!” Matthew snarled at his brother, ready to restart the earlier fight. “She is back there and in danger.”
“And what of these people? What of the children? What of Louisa’s Grandmama? Would Louisa forgive us if we left them to fend for themselves and returned to her?”
Matthew opened his mouth to argue but then he saw the pain in his brother’s face. This was eating Charles up as much as it was him.
“But what if they…”
Charles gritted his teeth and looked at the ground. He could not answer his brother’s question. He could not bear the thought. But he knew what was required of them, and what Louisa had begged them to do. He would not dishonour her bravery by breaking their promises to her.
“We need to keep moving, the sooner we reach the city and safety, the sooner we can go back,” Charles replied after the silence had stretched out.
“But you said…” Matthew looked sideways at his brother.
“I said we have to do our duty first, I said we had to get our people to safety first.”
“Oh,” Matthew grinned at his brother and then spurred his horse on, a wild excitement taking him to be done with duty and rescue their girl. “Well, come on, brother. Get a move on.”


Louisa had never thought herself to be a very brave person. She screamed at spiders and needed to light a candle before she could move her feet out from under the covers at night. Today she had found a bravery that she had not known, she had stood up to outlaws and negotiated freedom for her people.
Just two hours ago she had been sitting in the back of a wagon loaded with fabric, negotiating with David and Lea for some maroon lace for a dress she wished to make before the next moon festival. She wanted a pretty dress to wear in hopes that someone might finally find enough courage to make his intentions clear.
Now David and Lea were dead, their wagon emptied of all the expensive fabric they had planned to sell. The wagon had left filled with people. Many of the horses remaining with the outlaws, as Louisa did.
The brothers had not wanted to ride away and leave her behind. She had not wanted to be left behind but she had made the bargain and made them promise. In tears, she had made the two men promise to ride to safety with their people and leave her to her fate.
Because of it, Louisa had found out she was brave. She had found out that she could be a hero like in the stories. Without sword or shield, she had stood up and become a hero. People lived because of her courage.
She would have been proud of herself if she had not been so terrified.
There were at least a dozen men in this gang of criminals. They were not the outlaws of noble heart, robbing the rich to give to the poor. These were terrible men, scar covered and violent, and each looked at her in such a way that her skin crawled. There was violence in their hunger, and Louisa had heard stories…
She knew what was to come and her mind raced as to how she could avoid it, or at least buy time. Not for rescue, she had sent the two men that might do so away. She hoped to buy time for her escape. Hours had passed already and there had been no chance to escape. The men squabbled over the spoils of their attack. They seemed to fight over everything.
That gave Louisa an idea.
A hand rubbed over her back and Louisa jumped, turning she found a gap-toothed man leering at her.
“Are you the leader of these men?” Louisa asked.
“Ha! He wishes!” Another man laughed loudly.
“So,” Louisa said turning to the laughing man. He reminded her of a rat with his long, thin nose. “Does that mean you are?”
“There are no leaders, we are all equal,” another man said. He looked at the others with an expression that made Louisa think that he thought he should be the leader.
“But if there is no leader, then who will I give myself to.”
“All of us!” Another of the men yelled with great enthusiasm and made a lewd gesture. The others all laughed.
“Oh, that won’t work. I want to give myself to the strongest of you, the leader. Only to the strongest will I give myself to willingly and with great passion. So, which one of you is the strongest?” Louisa moved to a tree stump that was clearly often used as a seat by the gang; the wood was smooth. She crossed her leg up over the other, her torn dress flashing her legs.
“I am the strongest!”
“No, it’s me!”
All the men began to yell each other down. Louisa pretended to be unconvinced by their words. Maybe even a little bored. Inside she was terrified and it was all she could do not to shake in her seat.
The yelling turned to pushing and shoving. Punches were thrown.
Louisa watched the men descend into their darker nature. Knives came out and Louisa nearly screamed as one man stabbed another.
They were trying to kill each other, and it was over her! It was insanity. Louisa took no pleasure in the fact nor in the way they were hurting each other. It was awful. But fewer men meant her chance of survival, of escape, increased.
“Whoever is left standing gets me. And to find out what I can do with my tongue.” Louisa called out the words and smiled, gesturing for the men to keep fighting. She had no trick with her tongue but she had heard one of the women say similar in the last town they had visited. The woman had been trying to get Matthew or Charles to purchase her services. Louisa had thrown an apple at the back of Charles’s head, as he was turned away from her. It had served to ruin any moment that might have been happening.
It was that woman that Louisa now pretended herself to be as she waited for a chance to run.
And then the moment came. There were no eyes on her. Four men lay dead and still the others fought on. Louisa slipped from the tree stump and around the trees, she found a horse. One of her own people’s horse. It knew her and knelt for her to get on. She straddled the horse easily in her torn skirt.
The men did not take long to realise she was gone.
Louisa had been born to people that rode, she had been riding since she was tiny and this stallion was young and strong. He moved swiftly taking them back to the road and hopefully to safety. Louisa rode as hard as she could, never looking back.
Perhaps she should have, she heard a rider approach suddenly. How he had appeared so quickly beside her she did not know. She glanced at him and did not recognise his face from the camp and the fight. They must have had others still out on the road waiting for new travellers. Louisa had not thought about that possibility.
The rider leapt from his horse and knocked Louisa from hers. They fell hard to the ground and rolled. The rough ground damaged clothing and skin. Louisa hurt everywhere. She felt as though all the breath had been knocked from her body and she could not draw more. She rolled around on the hard ground clutching her knees up to her chest as she tried to breathe.
More horses approached and Louisa knew her gamble had failed. Now they would not fight over her. Now they would not leave her free to escape. At least Louisa had tried.
Louisa rolled to her knees and tried to crawl away. The man from the horse grabbed her by the hair and pulled her backwards. He tugged her back beside her before striking her in the face. Louisa scratched his face in retaliation and punched him in the throat. He let go of her.
“Leave her alone!”
Louisa looked up and was surprised to see that two of the horsemen bearing down on them were coming from the wrong direction. She was more surprised to recognise them both. It had been Charles that had yelled out. He was in front of Matthew and he leapt from his horse while it was still moving.
A sound behind Louise made her turn back to her attacker. She found a pistol aimed at her face. She had never seen one up close before. None of their people were allowed to carry one.
The man pulled something back on the weapon that Louisa could not see and then fired. A figure moved and the figure hit Louisa instead of the bullet.
Charles was struck in the shoulder and he lay against Louisa on the ground, bleeding. Matthew yelled as he leapt from his horse, and his blade ended the other man’s life before he could reload.
Louisa cried out. She did not know what she was saying. She cried out over and over, her arms flailing around…

“Zena, Zena, wake up, wake up. It was just a dream.”
She opened her eyes, she was back at their sanctuary, no horses, no bad men. Just them. Zena snuggled in against his chest and sighed. “Charles will find us again, Matthew. I know he will.”
Her best friend looked at her strangely. He shook his head and cuddled her tightly. “You’re safe now, Zena. You’re safe.”
And she felt safe. The dream was fading away and there was nothing else but the rocking chair, the sound of the rain and his arms around her. She was safe now, she was always safe with him.


Busy, busy and coming soon

So, things have been a bit quiet around here. Though luckily, we haven’t reached tumbleweed status. I’ve been pouring a lot of my energy into the website and working on myself. (I’ve started a six-week course called Big Love. It’s epic so far).

I might be a bigger work in progress than book one of Faeted Tales. (Though I change my mind about what I’m doing there more than I do about myself.) (But every change makes it better.) (I guess the same can be said for me.)

I’ve been thinking overnight about my cards and crafts. See, I keep thinking about just selling them but they were always meant to be about more than that. They’re about making others feel stellar, feel faebulous, feel Wiccad. That is what I want to achieve and somehow, I keep forgetting that. They are meant to be personalised, individual, motivational, from me or one of the other lovelies I play conduit to. They were never meant to be something to just sell.

I am here to make a difference!

Oh yes, the writing. My brain keeps jumping around with what I want to be working on. Overnight my brain was on the story for my witchywolf wives. Yesterday it was on the Faeted Tales. The day before it was all about Megea and a new glimpse into history.

So many stories to get down.

My to-do lists are generally between twenty and forty things per day so it’s hard to put all the time I want to into my writing. Lately, a lot of my time is being taken up by the new website. Yes, that’s right, The Princess Bard is getting a pretty website all of her own.

And what a lot of work it is. Transferring the blog posts over was the easiest part and even that was complicated with weird issues. But yay, I haven’t lost years’ worth of effort and posting.

It’s going to be amazing. I won’t add the clause “when it’s finished” because I have a feeling it will always be a work in progress, but it’s going to be amazing. There will be a shop eventually. And I’m excited to get working on the epic character pages and story pages. It’s going to be faebulous!

And there will be a competition when the new site goes public. So, keep an eye out of that.

I’m excited, you should be too.

Which means it’s time I got to work. Gotta do the work if I want to be Wiccad.

So, until next time…

Be stellar, be faebulous, be Wiccad. I love you.

The Big Elephant in the Room

So, Lisa O’Neill talked about Big Elephants at her talk and I’ve just read that part of ‘Juggling in High Heels’ today. Big elephants are the ones who guide us, teach us, support us, mentor us. I had some wonderful Big Elephants growing up in some family members and some teachers. (I had heaps of people who could have been wonderful elephants but ended up just being shit machines. A certain school springs to mind, but anywho…)
Now that I am grown I need and want new Big Elephants and I struggle to find them.
I thought I had found a wonderful Big Elephant in the writing world. Someone years ahead of me with much knowledge to share and help to give, and we seemed to get on so great. Unfortunately, I chose wrong and the helping hands just dropped me. She had no real interest in helping or supporting me, she gave great lip service but actions spoke louder than words and I let go to look elsewhere.
There are heaps of people I’ve found online with so much knowledge to share and I learn so much. But I long for a personal connection, and I’m struggling to make it. I don’t know if it’s an unrealistic desire or something to do with me, but I want it. I long for a Big Elephant to guide me, support me, mentor me but most of all to care about me and want my success.
I have chosen to pursue dreams that are not the easiest in the world. Every George and his Shep wants to be published, wants fame, fortune, and recognition. And living in a small town in a beautiful small country does make the slog even harder. But I am not giving up. This is my dream and, obstacles or not, I am going to make it happen.
And I would love a Big Elephant in front of me to help guide me along and help bring me to independence so I can become the Big Elephant for others.
And I really long for that too. To be a positive force in someone else’s life and help them find their greatness and their dream. Well, such a thing would be a dream in itself.
So. If you are a Big Elephant who likes the look of this little elephant, please cross my path. I am officially asking the universe for an elephant.

In cold and cloud
I speak aloud
These fair words of desire
I seek aid and guidance this day
Someone to help me find my way
A guiding force to help me soar higher
I ask for this without demand
I ask for this with open hand
Willing and ready to do what I require
Help me to achieve what I desire

Way of the Wiccad Week 1

I know I said I’d do a post each week to share what happened on Facebook with my daily Way of the Wiccad posts. I warn you now, it’s going to be quite a long post each week. It was a busy week. So without further ado, the previous week as I tried to find my Wiccad Way.

(P.S. after reading this, would you prefer it in weekly instalments or daily?)

Day 2

Day 2 has gone pretty awesomely I must say. If Day 1 was about getting active and taking action, then Day 2 has been about looking inward and taking some time to be still. I meditated this morning. I have great plans to meditate daily or at least multiple times a week and it usually ends up being monthly or worse. Whoops, my bad.
One of the things that will make me the happy best person I can be is to embrace my spirituality and nurture it. You know, actually make time for it and all the comes with it. I generally am not overly vocal about my faith as people can be cruel and unforgiving, but that is changing. I already have another little post started about my faith but that will come another day when it’s actually finished. That usually helps…
So yes, I started the work day with meditating and it was amazing. I always learn valuable lessons through meditation. Like I have the power to light up my world. And it is totally okay for me to Shine.
Then I did a few jobs I needed to get done on the admin side of The Princess Bard and then I rewarded myself with leftover cottage fries for brunch and finishing ‘Death on the Nile’. If you’ve never read or watched an Agatha Christie mystery you might want to get on with it. For once I deduced the correct murderer. Yay me.
And after sitting there digesting that for a while I worked out another little plot point for Faeted Tales and spent a half hour plotting which led to over an hour researching. The main topic of research were the many, many instances of witch trials. (And can I say it was quite upsetting at times, especially given the fact that humanity ain’t evolved that much when it comes to this kind of hateful behaviour.)
I feel really good again today. Even with some indigestion after too many mandarins for afternoon tea. So, I need to try and make meditation a regular thing in my life because it makes me feel so good.
How has your day gone? Or yesterday if you’re just reading this after waking up… What did you do to be still and let everything else go for that moment?
Whatever you did or didn’t do today, I hope you had a happy moment. And if you didn’t, hugs are available.
Until next time, same bat channel…
Be stellar. Be faebulous. Be Wiccad. I love you!

Day Three

I nearly wrote day four, I’m getting ahead of myself. As I curl up to watch The Mummy with a happy tummy full of homemade stew we made tonight, I think today has been a mixed day.
I’ve had moments of intense productivity. I’ve designed Wiccad things that will be stickers, could be on coffee mugs or T-Shirts. I’ve sorted my Instagram account out. I made a card, did dishes, and crossed twelve things off today’s To-do list. I always watched Arrow and The Flash from last week. So, I guess that’s all about balance.
Today hasn’t been such a happy day. Something annoyed me and hurt my feelings a bit and I let it fester. After a good rant to the hubby I feel better. At least I know I’m not crazy in my expectations but it has highlighted that I don’t often communicate when I’m scared of upsetting someone, even if they are upsetting me. So maybe I need to work on that. Being subtle or dancing around a subject doesn’t get you anywhere. But, you know, it can be really scary to tell someone they’re being a jerk and you’d like them to change. Most people don’t take kindly to any kind of criticism. I probably don’t.
I haven’t gotten Briar’s post finished yet. I’m three notebook pages in (about 1500 words or so) and it is a scary scene. Muse is being a bit shy about it and I’ve been letting her. Maybe I can get out some words while I watch my Evy. I do love her. I wanted to watch something tonight with a heroine I look up to. Evy is definitely one. To be honest, I’ve watched so many of my kick ass chicky-babe movies so often that I need to take a break. I need more movies with amazing women. Any suggestions would be welcome!
What movies do you watch when you want to feel powerful and inspired?
Well, Evy just totalled the library so I should go and watch the movie.
Be stellar. Be faebulous. Be Wiccad. I love you!

Day Four

It is Day 4 isn’t it? It’s been one of those days…
Things didn’t go exactly to plan today. My to-do list was huge, the spirit was willing. The body wanted a heat pack and copious amounts of chocolate. (I might have eaten 2 chocolate mudcake cupcakes, they were small but when the body is demanding one must answer or I would have devoured half of the pantry. Or at least the block of Whittakers coconut chocolate in the fridge.)
The big happy of the day was I FINISHED PART 4 OF THE BLOODIED BRIAR. Man, it’s been an effort. It was all meant to be Part 3 but after 2629 words I found a place to break and that became Part 3 and now I’ve written Part 4 which is 9 pages of my notebook…the other parts were 4 or 5. So this is massive. And it was a bit of an emotional experience to write. I was literally crying as I was writing this afternoon. I apologise in advance when this hits you in the feels.
Hopefully I’ll have this edited and up on the weekend. (I still have to finish typing it up before I can get to the editing.)
So, my lesson of the day was that sometimes it’s okay to let the to-do list and expectations, go and be nice to yourself. I would have stressed and upset myself if I had put the pressure on me to get everything done. My body needed to rest, and I needed to get through the cramps of doom. And I did. Yay chocolate and watching Atlantis. (If you don’t think that’s a great Disney movies, well, you’re wrong. And that is one I wouldn’t actually mind seeing made live action. And if they need cast ideas, Tumblr has them covered.)
What did you do today that helped keep you sane? I’d love to hear about your day, as always.
But, now it’s time to go and watch a movie, and perhaps be a total glutton and have another cupcake (treadmill or yoga tomorrow most definitely).
Until next time.
Be stellar. Be faebulous. Be Wiccad. I love you.

Day Five

Day 5…started in a bad place. Well it started in a good place, bed, unfortunately my body decided last night wasn’t one of those nights for sleeping. I admit I was in a weird place going to bed, we’d watch Chris Cornell related videos for a while, for obvious reasons and then other rock videos. I went to bed wishing I had the ability to stay up to 3am listening to music and having deep and amazing conversations. So, I guess my body went “Oh, you want a lack of sleep? We can totally do that!”

So, I started the day tired but still wanting to achieve great things.

Come about eleven a.m. I was crashing hard. So, I moved to sit in the sunshine on the floor, because there was no way I was sitting outside with that cold wind going on. I chilled. I lamented the fact that I had been acting like a hyper magpie looking for shiny. I had not typed up much of The Bloodied Briar at all.

So, I tried to read and kept magpie-ing it back to my phone to check social media which I didn’t need to check. Eventually I gave in and coffee was made. At last success. I managed to get back on the computer and finished typing Briar’s story up. 5274 was the final word count for part 4. Seriously, so many words. And I cried again typing it up. There is one scene that just breaks me.

Then I celebrated by doing the good Mama stuff with K. He’s got his first gymnastics competition tomorrow, already so proud of him. Oh, and I might have slipped and purchased some more crafting things while I was out. Vintage style washi tape…I couldn’t resist.

I will tell you one thing, I just have no zen at the moment for bad drivers and there seems to be so many of them. Cheeky people to downright dangerous. I even had a cop doing dumb shit today, not illegal just cheeky to the point of rudeness. Why? To get two cars further along….and then I ended up in front of him anyway so what did his lane changing get him? Insert curse words here. If I could blow out a birthday cake candle right now I’d probably wish for a month of jerk free driving. I don’t mind being a Wiccad Witch but these people are going to make me go Wicked Witch on their asses. Is there a hex to make a bad driver fail their next warrant of fitness?

Right, mixed day. I hope I sleep tonight between lack of sleep and the wonders of womanhood, I might not be a stellar example of faebulousness tomorrow if I don’t get a nice restful sleep. Yes, restful, without seventeen action movie worthy dreams that drain energy like a vampire drains blood.

I wanted to edit Briar tonight but I’ve admitted that I’m going to do a terrible job if I try to. So, I’m starting to Santa Clarita Diet. Yay Drew and Timothy. I’m not sure what to expect because of different things I’ve heard but I’m hoping to relate to Drew, I love her forever and from an article I read, her transformation in this, and her one in her real life is very me at the moment. So, fingers crossed I love it.

Until next time,

Be stellar. Be faebulous. Be Wiccad. And don’t eat anyone.

Day Seven

So, day 6 we took off from writing. It was a busy busy day. The kiddo graduated another level at swimming and is now pre-competition level. Then had had his first gymnastics competition after 3 weeks at that level and he came away with two first places. To stay we were surprised and happy is an understatement. When they read out his name the first time I almost cried. I was so proud of him.
It did make me think, how often I make myself proud like that. You know, we don’t actually always take a lot of pride in the things we are achieving. Sure, I get happy I achieved them and I get relieved things are done. But I don’t always pat myself on the back and tell myself I’m proud of me.
I should do that more and so should you!
Yesterday was a day of finding my happy place, I was an emotional stress bunny for a fair bit of it, which translated today into a case of ‘dun wanna’. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I didn’t want to edit Briar’s story. I just wanted to do nothing.
But I pushed myself and guess what. I got the edits finished on The Bloodied Briar and I got part 4 out. Final word count 5362 words. I was thrilled. I am eager to get to work on her next part which means reading back about 2600 posts on her Tumblr…and wow. Tumblr did not want me to. So, I’m doing some things to get all her words out of Tumblr to read easier and in the right order and not throw my computer into conniptions.
I am also thinking about the fact that my Muse has her fingers in about five different stories right now and it’s stressing me out. I want to give everything the right amount of time. I am trying to keep five glowing magical story orbs in the air at once and it ain’t effing happening. Not with all the other real life glowing magical orbs I need to keep juggling.
I am stressing myself out and it means that the muse ends up hiding. So, I need to focus. And I need to focus on Jaidee if I’m going to rewrite these parts of the story so completely and still get the book out before I turn fifty. (Yeah, I know, that’s still quite a while away but you get the point.)
Guess who needs to focus and not stress. Guess who needs to work out what mood the muse in music wise and get to writing.
I can do it all though, I’ve done it all before. I’ve found the willpower to stay focused on one story. It’s hard. (Especially as the City of the Wiccad gals want some attention, Tienai wants attention, Juniper wants attention, Briar wants attention and as of last night Peggy freaking Carter wants my attention. #teampeggycarterdeservedbetter #andimgoingtogiveittoher)
Where was I? Oh yes, the that’s what she said joke. It’s hard! So much about achieving my dreams is hard. A lot of it isn’t fun times and candy canes. Even the writing can sometimes be less than enchanting. BUT. I cannot have it all fun games and happy times, dreams don’t work that way. Goals don’t work that way. Good things take time, and even though great things happen all at once, they don’t freaking happen if you’re not putting in the work. Life is pain and anyone who says otherwise is selling something.
Tonight, I might make some notes but I am thinking that being a Sunday night there should be X-Files while snuggled in bed with the heater on and an early night. I hear early nights are great and the old body really loves them. We’ll see how it goes.
Until next time. Same bard time. Same bard channel.
Be stellar. Be faebulous. Be Wiccad. I love you.