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Busy, busy and coming soon

So, things have been a bit quiet around here. Though luckily, we haven’t reached tumbleweed status. I’ve been pouring a lot of my energy into the website and working on myself. (I’ve started a six-week course called Big Love. It’s epic so far).

I might be a bigger work in progress than book one of Faeted Tales. (Though I change my mind about what I’m doing there more than I do about myself.) (But every change makes it better.) (I guess the same can be said for me.)

I’ve been thinking overnight about my cards and crafts. See, I keep thinking about just selling them but they were always meant to be about more than that. They’re about making others feel stellar, feel faebulous, feel Wiccad. That is what I want to achieve and somehow, I keep forgetting that. They are meant to be personalised, individual, motivational, from me or one of the other lovelies I play conduit to. They were never meant to be something to just sell.

I am here to make a difference!

Oh yes, the writing. My brain keeps jumping around with what I want to be working on. Overnight my brain was on the story for my witchywolf wives. Yesterday it was on the Faeted Tales. The day before it was all about Megea and a new glimpse into history.

So many stories to get down.

My to-do lists are generally between twenty and forty things per day so it’s hard to put all the time I want to into my writing. Lately, a lot of my time is being taken up by the new website. Yes, that’s right, The Princess Bard is getting a pretty website all of her own.

And what a lot of work it is. Transferring the blog posts over was the easiest part and even that was complicated with weird issues. But yay, I haven’t lost years’ worth of effort and posting.

It’s going to be amazing. I won’t add the clause “when it’s finished” because I have a feeling it will always be a work in progress, but it’s going to be amazing. There will be a shop eventually. And I’m excited to get working on the epic character pages and story pages. It’s going to be faebulous!

And there will be a competition when the new site goes public. So, keep an eye out of that.

I’m excited, you should be too.

Which means it’s time I got to work. Gotta do the work if I want to be Wiccad.

So, until next time…

Be stellar, be faebulous, be Wiccad. I love you.


The not so weekly update

Okay so this was meant to be done on Monday but things did not go precisely as planned as school went back. Sick kiddo on Tuesday had me in mama mode. So here we are today.

After many discussions with people and the poll I had run, it has been decided that the next book published will be the first book of The Faeted Tales series. As you can imagine, Jaidee is delighted since this will be her book. I have no date to give you for when it will be released. I would love to say it will be released on Jaidee’s birthday in August, but we shall see. This is because of one big reason…

I slipped and started a new story.

So, I had this crazy dream revolving around helping a famous person through a PR nightmare because people are not as tolerant as they might claim to be of lifestyle choices. This then combined with me reading through the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book led me to inspiration for a new story. Not only a new story but a new realm that once linked to ours, with some very interesting races in it. Cue me starting to write the story just to get the idea down…and less than a week later I’m up to 28 pages in my notebook all handwritten and a page of plot points waiting to be written. So I estimate I’m between 10,000 and 12,000 words on it and the muse is very keen to keep writing. BY HAND. I had this with Babypire as well, the muse was stubborn and wanted to handwrite first. This would be awesome if I had a typist to get the words into Word but alas, that typist is me.

One day I will be rich enough to pay handsomely an assistant to type up everything from my notebooks. I’ll probably suddenly have another two hundred short stories that can be finished. Today is not that day.

So yes, I am distracted by this new modern fantasy thriller romance. Which also means that The Bloodied Briar’s post will be late too. I had plans to have a post out for Briar each week, I also had plans that the chapters would be 500-1,000 words each. The last two have been over 2,000 and this current one is looking like it will be at least that. It might need to be split in two but I won’t know until I finish writing it. But I will say it will be amazing. See, back three years ago I had the most amazing idea for a storyline to play out on Twitter and Tumblr. Alas, my partner at the time had different ideas for where to take the story and I ended up cutting it super short and it never became what it should have been. Now, thanks to this I get to write the story Briar always wanted. It will be amazing but it needs to be done right, so, forgive me if this chapter takes more than a week to be released. (Which it will because there is no way to finish it and edit it by tomorrow.) It will be worth the wait I promise.

For now, I need to get working on the words and I leave you with a verse/chorus from Resplendent, a song that will feature in the new story.

My bad

Sorry for the sudden quiet. I had been going so well with things, but as is usually the case when that happens. I got sick. Sore throat, coughing up body parts, a bit of a fever all the fun stuff that you don’t usually expect to get in summer.

What this means is the limited brain supply that I have had has been going on to working on the books and not on warm-up writing. Although I did start a new character of a more RP persuasion, and maybe I’ll post up the first part of her story tomorrow.

My cough is lingering as they often do, but I’m feeling a lot better. That means I need to jump back into things. I am thinking of making Lyric Warm Ups a three a week kind of thing instead of daily to take some of the pressure off. And I think I am going to have to put off the release of the second episode of City of the Wiccad until March. Regrettable but needed. Hopefully by next week, I’ll have an exact date for release, I’ll reveal the name of the second episode and reveal the book cover. So plenty to happen between now and the new book.

And after that, I might let you all decide which book comes next. Perhaps you’ll pick the first of the Faeted Tales, or the second Shadow of Avalon book, or maybe you’ll all be clamouring for episode three of City of the Wiccad. We shall see.

But rest assured I shall try to be posting a bit more often again.

Until next time. Be stellar.


A rambling man…well woman

What is amazing to me is how brain dead I can get when I haven’t been writing, all I’ve been doing is collating written passages for different stories together. I far prefer the writing. The brain dead from either, not so much.

It’s been a good few days for Sam and I with our writing, we’ve had a couple of super sessions where we have burned through quite a few words on quite a few stories. I love it when that happens, when the muse just hits and runs. I think it’s because we sorted an issue. We had an issue and because we’ve had issues before we talked about it and we managed to move beyond it. Sometimes it isn’t easy to say when there is a problem with someone else and the way they are writing, feelings can get easily hurt when you have a creative person involved and more feelings can get hurt when there are two. This time it was me who was dropping the ball and I am glad Sam pointed it out.

It’s hard though isn’t it? None of us like to be told we are doing something wrong, but we need to know if we are to stop doing it, well if we don’t realise that we are and I know that I am oh so good at living with my rose tinted blinkers and just not seeing things at times. We were typically girly about it though, Sam told me, I felt bad, she felt bad for making me feel bad, I felt worse that she felt bad… yeah we’re pretty troublesome aren’t we? But since we had that little blip things are back to awesome and the muses are happily chatting away and telling us these stories we want so much to share with you all.

Speaking of which.

I am still working on Nyssa but not much. I’ve taken that little break so I can go back and look at it and actually see the problems. I’m too close to it at the moment. So I want to work on some other things, we have one of our zombie short stories which I’ve had a little play with at editing. Something we are thinking about releasing so we can share it and get you guys something to read. Some of you have already read the beginning of the story of our dear Astrid and Aidan, most of you have not, and none but us have read the majority of it. So hopefully those of you who have read the start want more, and those that haven’t read any are now just a little curious.

And I’m rambling again; I think this is just a bit of an update and a ramble kind of post today. You’ll get those from time to time from me. The deep, question the universe and question the state of the universe of writing posts won’t come every day. Or every other day for that matter.

It’s hitting dinner time though so I should probably stop rambling and leave you all to contemplate who Astrid and Aidan are just what trouble they have been getting into with the undead population….enjoy that contemplation.