Enticing to touch


His hand moves down her back, fingertips brushing aside soft hair as they trail down her soft skin. He feels her shiver in his lap. His fingers trail lower down her flesh and again he feels that tremor of her body, moving in his lap.

It’s such a slight movement and yet he growls for her, lips slowly tasting hers again and again. This is the woman he loves and the slightest touch of his hand can have this effect on her. He can’t deny how arousing it is to hold his power over her. Even more so because he knows that she holds this same power over him. The gentle touch of her breath on his neck can rouse his body like no other.

This is passion and desire. With her. This is the lust he was warned of, the hunger he dreamed of. This is how he hoped it would be one day, with the right woman, with this woman.

His woman.

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