Fan Fiction

So I haven’t written fan fiction in about four maybe five years, haven’t played any canon characters in that time but I am now. I’m writing a Buffy in a Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire slayer cross over with one of my favourite RP writers @hooked_swan. It’s a 1×1 kind of role play, all para and I’m actually really happy with the result so far. We haven’t been going that long and we’ve already hit 50,000 words in our stories. We make no apologies for any differences between our characters and the ones in the shows, we’ve made them our own but I think we are still very true to the originals. So I’m going to post up the stories here as we go. They are not edited because that’s more time than we can commit to the endeavour but we try to write them as well edited as we can for a first draft kind of thing, I wouldn’t think that would deter from enjoying at all. So without further ado I give you, Bean (our ship name for Buffy and Dean…original huh)

First angst

You never know what you’ll find on a hunt

Chasing ghosts

To come –

Knife Guys finish last


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