Harmony in Completion

In 2006 I had a short story selected to be published alongside 15 others in Southern Edge, a collection of up and coming authors in the area. There were a lot of people who missed out on being picked so I was very excited and honoured to be among the chosen and to be able to actually say “I’ve had a short story published.” Harmony in Completion is that short story.
Harmony in Completion

The harp lay silent in Karalyn’s lap.

It had been ten and a half moons since the bard had woken with the words of this song on her lips. Ten and a half moons and still there was no music to accompany the lyrics. It had never been so hard to put words to music. Most often when inspiration enveloped her mind both elements of the song were inspired together or at least within days of each other.

But not this song!

This song was different. Karalyn Deshanyl, bard and traveller, knew there was something special about this song. The words were powerful, more powerful than any words Karalyn had ever written before. They were more like the words of the Druids at the Summer Solstice than any song Karalyn had composed for tavern or festival. Surely the Goddess wanted words of such power and intensity shared with the world. She must have inspired them for more of a purpose than Karalyn’s annoyance.

Karalyn sighed and began to chant the words out loud again hoping they would fall into a melody by themselves.

In a moment of time
I wait
In the calm of the storm
I wait
In the dance of the trees
In the dance of the breeze
In the warmth of the fire
In the force of desire
In the mountains
In the drum
In the long bow
And the Sun
I watch
I wait
I see
Who will catch a glimpse of me?
I am the tree
My Acorns dropped I am reborn
I am the tree
My leaves coloured I am transformed
I am the tree
My truth held I am stillness
I am the tree
My wisdom shared I am success
I am the tree
I am the Harmony
I am the Completion

Karalyn growled. Nothing! Again! Would this song ever be finished?

Karalyn pushed the harp from her lap in frustration and picked up a stick to poke the dying fire in front of her. If she could not make a melody the least she could do would be to make some supper.

The undergrowth in the forest behind her cracked with the passage of a large animal coming towards her campsite. Karalyn spun around to face the direction of the noise and movement, her fire poker at the ready, her quarterstaff out of immediate reach. Slowly she moved a pace or two forward peering into the wood. In the last remnants of the twilight Karalyn could see nothing in the shadows of the trees.

The movement stopped and a deep voice began to sing from just within the forest. There were no words just a beautiful melody. The instinct of Karalyn’s true calling replaced her fear and she began to accompany the music. The words of her song that had caused her so much frustration melted into the music, like magic.
The song finished, Karalyn felt somehow empty inside. She had never joined with another like that in song. It equalled the experiences of soul and the divine. She waited, hoping, but there was no more – just silence.

Deciding she had been singing with a spirit of the Otherworld, Karalyn lowered her poker and began to turn around toward the fire, trying to recreate the tune in her head and commit it to memory. The movement in the trees started again, Karalyn whirled back raising her stick in front of her like a sword. A young man stepped out of the forest, a lyre slung across his back. His face was consumed with a radiant smile that passed straight to Karalyn’s. He walked across the clearing to where she stood and touched his hand to his forehead and heart in way of greeting.

“Eleven moons ago I was given the music of my soul. I asked the Gods to grant me the completion of that music and my soul. I have journeyed since then to find that completion.”

Karalyn dropped her stick and returned his greeting offering her hand to him in welcome.
“You are the Harmony. We are the Completion”

6 thoughts on “Harmony in Completion

  1. Cute! You had me thinking it was going to be a Gancanagh and not another bard.. I so thought she was going to be lured to the other world or die pining.

    1. I wrote it before I really discovered and explored the dark side of my imagination to do such things to beloved characters. I’ve written another little piece for Karalyn under the influence of Blodeuwedd, and I bring it out from time and think about writing more for her. Who knows where her story might end up taking her next 😉

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