After Dead

After Dead is a work in process with the other resident in my brain Sam. The tale of a group of people struggling in a future where the world has changed beyond anything that we would recognise. It was born from a little story that popped into my head one night.

And this is that story:

The world was not as it had been. That sounds melodramatic; some kind of hyperbole but it’s not. 2012 had been the apocalypse as promised. The world as we knew it had ended, natural disasters had changed the landscape and all that remained living within it. Well and not living within it.
Some of us, well some of us didn’t make it to heaven or hell. It was an evolution of sorts. Survival of the fittest. The world had gone to shit. Whole landmasses had been lost to the sea, sunk with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis. We were forgetting what sunshine was, the Indonesian super volcano had seen to that. Mother Nature had been mad and we had been punished.
Some things were lost and some were found. Long lost bacteria came forth mutated over the years of hiding and it changed people. The dead didn’t always stay dead. I was one those. I started changing before I died though, before I was murdered. My new special skills caused fear in a world already consumed by terror and as we humans tend to do we destroy that which we fear, it’s easier that way.
The human brain, well the normal human brain, uses something like only 10% of its capacity, thanks to the bacteria I use more. It gave what can only be described as mind powers. It was like I saw all that bound the universe together and I concentrated hard enough I could manipulate it. It wasn’t fool proof and I failed a lot but my successes were enough to earn me a lynch mob. That was one time I failed. A gun to the head really messes with your concentration. I’m just glad they didn’t pull the trigger, for reasons unknown they decided to drug me to death…less messy, I don’t know but I’m damn glad they did. I can’t imagine coming back would be fun with a hole in your head.
Death was easy to overcome really. It was just like a wall to push your way through. I didn’t stay dead long enough to know which way I was headed or if there were even options. But I’d fucked up enough in life to know that it wasn’t likely to be up.
So I guess now I’m somewhere between Zombie and Vampire. I can go out in sunlight just fine but I need blood. Since the whole dead thing my body just can’t produce like it did so if I don’t top up I start falling apart. Possibly literally but I haven’t let it get that far to know for sure. I coma out, things start shutting down, it’s all kind of on the painful side, like air is pumping where blood should be. I don’t drink the blood, I get a transfusion, I guess people can drink it, you know, if they’re into that kind of thing.


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