Monthly Archives: December 2013

A princess, a pity post, and a pun…well sort of

I started writing out an awesome post in the shower this morning, so of course I’ve forgotten it now. Can we just pretend I did in fact write it and you are all sufficiently amazed and impressed by the wisdom, wit and how I did it all with wet hair.

We good?


The reason for this minor lapse in intelligence (shut it) is this delightful head cold or something I’ve decided to pick up in Summer, right before Christmas, on a Monday morning. Clearly someone up there is impressed with me at the moment. I can only assume the throat coated in burning acid is a result of getting cold watching Tennis at midnight on Saturday night…or is that Sunday morning. No it wasn’t actual tennis. One Christmas party with flood lit tennis court and people intoxicated enough to think they could play = entertainment. Surprisingly, or maybe not, most people were even better than they would have been sober. I am sure today being the day after the day after, they are paying for it. I would quite like to round everyone up and see if they can lift pillows over their heads.

Christmas is approaching and I’m less organised than ever. I was putting everything off until the house sale was completed. Which it is now…but I’ve been dragging backside and things haven’t been done. And we have less than ten days to go. *cries*

Next year I’ll be organised….hmmm, Déjà vu…

And just in case you missed it earlier. My wise thought for the day

We all know what a street walker is… so with that logic, if they’re in space…. a skywalker would be….


I want to throw you a party


Well….sort of. What I want to know is, if I was going to throw you a party, be it birthday or random reason, or even for a work event, what kind of theme would you like? Everyone should list their top five or ten themes they would love to have rocked out for a party. Imagine money and effort are no object and go to it… will it be a 1950’s theme, TOGA!, noire, Lord of the Rings, when I grow up…. anything at all, let me hear your ideas.

On your marks, get set, go….