Meet Aoife

Since I have been talking about Nyssa’s Tale once more I thought perhaps I would introduce you to one of the characters in the story. Or rather Aoife decided she would like to share a small introduction. Should the Tale ever become a movie I would cast Kate Beckinsale in the role with the addition of Aoife’s piercing green eyes. In life Aoife’s tale played out in the world of “Children of the Immortals” but in death her tale is something quite different…..

Aoife: Reborn into Ice


I turned to ice inside the day I was murdered. When my heart stopped beating I simply stopped feeling.

Now my heart beats again but the return to life did not return to me what some might call my humanity. I feel nothing I simply have a purpose given to me by the Dark One herself.

I was given in sacrifice and I was accepted. Now I am just a Raven Woman, one of her minions to do her bidding. I walk the world and mark souls for death. I have never taken a life I simply mark them so those that come for the soul shall find them. Some feel the mark I leave upon them, some may glimpse me or through me glimpse my mistress and the doorway to other realms.

I feel no pity for those I mark, no remorse after they have left this life. I do as I am bid and that is all.

Outside my task I have no real life to speak of, there are those I know who perhaps I would give pause before I marked them. Those who are like me in that they are touched by the gods, the otherworld, touched by the deep magic that bind this world unseen by mortal eyes. But perhaps not.

In truth I remember nothing of my life before, my mistress says I have no need of such distractions and without feelings they would not mean anything at all to me. I recall the moment of death, my eyes going wide up to the stars as the blade slipped between my ribs. I recall the darkness of the sky, the warmth of my blood and then the coldness of death. And I recall my mistress. I know my task, beyond that I do not need to know.


6 thoughts on “Meet Aoife

    1. I love the concept and though it plays out in some ways through Nyssa’s Tale I can’t wait to see where it ends up going in future books. It’s so interesting to write and be inside Aoife’s head.

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