Inspiring Art – One by Andrew Forrest

So one day when I was quite a bit younger (about twelve years ago) I was out at Victoria Park Market and found this little stall with posters to purchase. I flipped through going ohhh or meh as I looked at what was on offer and then about half way through I stopped and completely fell in love with an image. It was this image, One by Andrew Forrest. It went straight up on my wall and stayed there until we moved and then it went up on another wall and so on. I still have that poster but it is a little worse for wear after all this time and I really should have gotten some kind of frame for it or laminated it.

I love this piece (and quite a few others of Andrew Forrest who I believe lives in New Zealand which just makes him even cooler). There is just something about it which really gets me, the duality of it perhaps, the colours maybe, or the grail, I do have a thing for the grail cup to be sure.

Nowadays it inspires me for the Shadows of Avalon series especially for a character you are all yet to meet Auta, I have to admit of all my characters in the series she is one of my favourite. Okay they all are pretty fantastic but there might be just a little burst of me in Auta.

Now I want to find a new copy of the poster and have it up in my writing space next to my wolves….


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